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Wit & Wisdom of Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger

I have nothing but utmost respect for Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, two great men who not only became among the world’s wealthiest by picking stocks, but have taught millions others the art of successful stock picking.

They met at a dinner party in Omaha in 1959 and took an instant liking to each other. “He was rolling on the floor laughing at his own jokes, and I thought, that is my kind of guy – I do the same thing,” Buffett says. They started sharing investment ideas immediately, and Munger joined Buffett 19 years later.

Ever since, they have shared their wisdom with the world on how to go about investing sensibly, independently, and successfully.

In order to bring their teachings to you, I present here a series on the review of the big ideas from their shareholder letters and other resources.

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Archives of Wit & Wisdom of Buffett and Munger

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