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You’re fighting a losing game

If you are a stock market investor, no wonder you think the game is rigged against you…

No wonder you think the financial services industry is a racket, and the stock market is a game reserved only for the chosen few.

No wonder you think the stock market experts appearing on business channels try to lure you into stock advice that can serve their own vested interest.

You didn’t need the recent stock market crisis to tell you that. However, what you may not realise is just how devastating dishonest and biased stock market advice can be to your long-term wealth.

Before it gets too late, you need to rail against this deep-rooted systemic injustice.

I propose a simple solution…

You think. You invest. You win.
Success in a free country like ours is simple. Get an education, work hard, and learn to save and invest wisely. Anyone can do it. And so can you.

But what you really need to succeed as an investor is your own independent thinking.

You alone are the most capable person alive to manage your money. It’s high time you start believing this.

Rather than support the financial services industry – stock market experts, brokers, and financial advisors – that runs its nailed shoes over you, the small investor, it’s high time you start making your own investment decisions, and take control of your financial destiny.

Don’t worry if the magnitude of the effort bothers you.

Now you have help at hand in the form of Safal Niveshak*.

Safal Niveshak?
Safal Niveshak is a movement to help you, the small investor, become intelligent, independent, and successful in your stock market investing decisions.

My name is Vishal Khandelwal, and I am the founder promoter of Safal Niveshak.

Read more about me.

I have worked in the stock market as an analyst for the past eight years.

During this period, I have felt the pain of seeing small investors like you lose large amount of their hard earned money, for reasons ranging from:

  • Scams…where companies simply vanished, to
  • Speculation…to earn fast money, to
  • Bad decisions…mostly backed by insensible and short-term advice from self-centred brokers and self-proclaimed stock market experts.

While the probability of a stock market analyst to work on a social cause is miniscule, here I am driving this movement called Safal Niveshak – to help you become intelligent, independent, and successful in your stock market investing decisions.

Through my experience in the stock markets, I have come to believe that:

  • You alone are the most capable person alive to manage your money.
  • Investing in the stock markets is not a rocket science. You just need to learn and apply the simple tricks, and behave yourself.
  • Being smart about your money can be a lot of fun (I really mean it!)
  • You can create a lot of wealth for yourself doing it.

Keeping this very belief in mind, on Safal Niveshak:

  • You will read about the virtues of ‘long-term’ value investing and how you can practice this art to become a successful investor yourself.
  • You will know the pitfalls and common errors that most investors make and how you can avoid them.
  • You will see why we human beings simply aren’t hardwired for the stock markets. Once you become aware of your limitations as a member of a rarely rational but habitually emotional species, it will change your thought process and get you on the right track of investing success.

In short, Safal Niveshak is an investor education initiative where you will learn the simple yet time-tested strategies of investing sensibly in the stock markets, to earn market-beating returns in the long term.

You must have noted that nowhere have I talked about stock ideas, tips, or recommendations.

Yes, Safal Niveshak does not provide recommendations on individual stocks. I might research individual stocks from time to time, and also show you my analysis of the same, but I will never offer recommendations to buy, hold, or sell stocks.

I am whole-heartedly dedicated towards educating you, the small investor, to make your own investments decisions, and to manage your own money.

My Promise to You
Many investment experts and financial websites make outrageous promises of untold riches to their readers and clients. I won’t promise you anything like that.

But here is what I believe I can realistically promise you.

Just spend 30 minutes per week with me on, and I promise you that one year from now:

  1. You will become much more sensible on how to manage your own money.
  2. You will get on the path to creating tremendous wealth for yourself (and by yourself) in the long run.
  3. You will know how to go about identifying the right kind of stocks from the minefield called stock markets.
  4. You will have developed your own logical set of personal investing strategies.
  5. You will have learned investing disciplines that help you through all types of markets.

All this sounds a lot, right?

But, to be very frank, I have no magic tricks to help you become rich from stock markets.

What I have are just some simple ideas that can make you a better investor in the long run.

You see, it is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results in investing.

What you need are simple investing ideas, and the discipline and patience to follow them.

This is what Safal Niveshak will guide and lead you to.

I invite you to join me in this endeavour.

You can write to me at to know more about this effort and how you can benefit from it and/or support it.

Alternatively, you can visit the Contact page to know more about how I can help you in your investing journey.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the tribe of smart people who get free and fresh knowledge on investing, stock markets, and the economy as soon as it’s published on Safal Niveshak:

Invest in yourself. Get on the right path to becoming a successful investor.

After all, no one else deserves to become a Safal Niveshak. You do!

Note: Who doesn’t belong here? is meant for those who are interested in value investing which in effect is the ‘slow’ (but sensible) way of getting rich through stock markets.

So, if you are interested in ‘hot tips’ or advice on ‘getting rich quick’, I would suggest you to not waste your precious time here. I hate to sound unfriendly here. But there is absolutely nothing on for people interested in the fast route to make money from the stock markets. There never will be.

Anyways, if you ever give up the futile search for the next quick money-making stock tips, come back here. I’ll leave the lights on for you.

* Safal Niveshak is the Hindi phrase for ‘successful investor’.

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About the Author

Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of Safal Niveshak. He works with small investors to help them become smart and independent in their stock market investing decisions. He is a SEBI registered Research Analyst. Connect with Vishal on Twitter.


  1. Vipin Khandelwal says:

    all the best!

  2. Avinash Khandelwal says:

    Wish you all the best.May every niveshak be safal with your guidance.

  3. sir read about you just now, it seems to be quite interesting & the way you left your job to live life how you want is quite inspirational
    yours thankfully

  4. Hi Vishal,

    I come to your website after finding out about worthwhile blog on Graham and Doddsville. I must say, your blog is really an awesome source, not just for Indian tribesmen, but also for Value investors worldwide.

    I also wrote about Value investing on my website, but mostly based on my interpretation on the Intelligent Investors.

    Regards from fellow tribesman in Indonesia. If India has Modi, then Indonesia has Jokowi. You might be interested to check and compare both.

    PS: Two things I like from India are Mahabharata (Arpit Ranka portrays Duryodhana really well!) and Sanjay Bakshi (thanks to your interviews!). 😀

  5. HI Vishal
    Safal Niveshak is a movement to help you, the small investor, become intelligent, independent, and successful in your stock market investing decisions. yes u right

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