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Winners of the Safal Niveshak 1st Anniversary Contest

A few announcements to make before I get to the Contest winners…

  1. Safal Niveshak is now 1,000+ tribesmen strong. 🙂 Thank you so much for your support!
  2. I’ve opened registrations for the Art of Investing Workshop in Pune on 18th August, Saturday. If you are in Pune, and have six hours to spend with me on that Saturday, you can click here to register for the Workshop.
  3. The Mumbai Workshop on 21st was awesome in terms of interaction and deep discussions on value investing (one tribesman, Kiran, actually travelled 36 hours to attend the Workshop!). Delhi, we’ll meet this Saturday.

Now for the winners of the Safal Niveshak 1st Anniversary Contest.

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Happy Birthday Safal Niveshak!

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

It gives me great pleasure to share with you, dear Safal Niveshak tribe member, that today marks the completion of the first year of Safal Niveshak (my third child :-))…an initiative of empowering you to become independent, sensible, and successful in your financial life.

It was on 9th July 2011 that I stepped into the unknown, fearful of what destiny might bring for Safal Niveshak.

Today, as I pushed the “publish” button for the 276th time, I looked back at a wonderful journey filled with excitement, immense learning, new relationships, and creation of lifelong friendships.

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Winner of “My Money Resolution for 2012” Contest Is…

The result for the “My Money Resolution for 2012” contest is in, and let me tell you…this was tough.

I want to thank everyone who participated!

There were way too many great submissions for this to be an easy exercise. So the choice of the winner was incredibly tight.

But still, I had to choose the best entry, and it was the one that dealt with the behavioural issues of handling one’s money and investments…and one that communicated the entire essence of human behaviour and money in an amazingly simple manner.

I mean, I couldn’t have explained this subject in a better way!

And the winner is…
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“My Money Resolution for 2012” Contest

Making a New Year resolution is quite easy. Practicing the same is otherwise. I’m writing this based on my experience. 🙂

When a resolution demands high levels of discipline, the task becomes all the more burdensome.

First, most of us generally fail to make reasonable resolution(s). And that is the biggest reason why most of us fail to keep the one(s) we make!

Instead of “I’ll start my exercise schedule by walking 3 kilometer every day”, we would resolve to “sprint 5 kilometer every day, starting January 1”.

One such (difficult) resolution that we often fail to put into practice relates to how we plan to work on our money-related issues.

Here are some of the most common money resolutions that people make at the start of a year…

  • I’ll try to become a better saver in the New Year.
  • I’ll invest less than 20% of my money in stocks.
  • I’ll not invest in stocks at all, even if stock markets go up.
  • I’ll not listen to my financial advisor in the New Year.
  • I’ll make my own investing decisions instead of depending on others.

You might have your own money resolution for the New Year. If yes, tell me – What’s your money resolution for 2012?
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Winners of the “I Love Safal Niveshak” Contest Are…

The results are in, and let me tell you…this was tough.

Just to review, the idea behind the “I love Safal Niveshak” Contest was simple…just send me one reason you like Safal Niveshak, or one suggestion for improving this initiative.

I want to thank everyone who participated!

If there’s one thing I must tell you, it’s that there were way too many great submissions for this to be an easy exercise. So the choice of the winners was incredibly tight.

I could have easily had 10 or more winners, but instead chose to expand the winner pool to 4, instead of the originally announced 2.

So, there remains the first place for both these entries…

  • I love Safal Niveshak because…
  • I ‘still don’t’ love Safal Niveshak because…

…plus 2 honourable mentions that will also receive special prizes.

So here we go.
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“I Love Safal Niveshak…” Contest

The “I Love Safal Niveshak” Contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. Here is the list of winners

The Safal Niveshak movement of helping small investors become independent, smarter, and successful in their investing is yet to complete six months of operations.

But even in this short time, I am proud to announce one important milestone that Safal Niveshak has achieved.

The Safal Niveshak Post, my free daily e-letter on investing, has crossed 200 readers (excluding myself :-)).

If you are already a subscriber of The Safal Niveshak Post, I thank you for being there, and look forward to continue to provide you invaluable ideas on investing for times to come.

However, if you are yet to sign up to The Safal Niveshak Post, I welcome you to sign up now and experience the power of simple ideas on investing that can help you become an independent, smarter, and successful investor.

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