What Workshop Attendees Are Saying

I really liked the workshop. It is your sharp knowledge of stock markets which made teaching the principles of investing very enjoyable journey. I have been reading and investing in stocks my self for the last two years but I was unable to find some good businesses. In your workshop, I learnt about bottom-up stock picking. The process which you told is very useful. ~ Kunal Jain, New Delhi

Attending the Art of Investing workshop was a very rewarding experience for me. The way in which Vishal tried to elucidate the need for a patient and very inquisitive attitude for becoming a successful value investor over the long term was the most important aspect. The importance of thorough research and not falling prey to sundry investment advice in the market came out very clearly at the end of the workshop. ~ Vinay Arya

I feel the Workshop is a great initiative and must attend for somebody who is new to investing to build a base. ~ Harish Nagpal, Ludhiana

I had come to the session to meet the person for whom i had developed a lot of respect in due course of time. And meeting you in person has been an extraordinary experience. I got to clear many of my misconceptions with regard to investing. Among the most valuable things that i learnt were “How to generate stock ideas” and “Doing ones own research” for investing. I am touched by your humbleness, patience & pleasing personality. ~ Gunjan Kumar

Vishal’s passion to teach Value Investing is contagious and his informal yet definitive style of teaching is par excellence. He has a great grasp of the subject and yet, makes it easy for others to understand. I am already looking forward to the next course and learn from the “Master”… Thanks for this wonderful initiative. ~ Gautamjit Singh

The Art of Investing workshop is a must-attend for every person who is into investing or considering to put his money into the stock market. Vishal has put together a superb material based on various concepts of asset allocation, fundamental analysis and most importantly human behaviour.

The workshop is an eye-opener even for someone who has been actively involved in market as the compelling presentation stresses upon having a wholesome investing philosophy that is so crucial for an investor. At the end of the day anyone who has attended the workshop takes back home a full fledged knowledge of important concepts like asset allocation, calculation of intrinsic value, important ratios to focus upon while doing fundamental analysis, usage of excel sheet, and above all how to put together a checklist to do smart and intelligent investing. ~ Manish Sharma

I am into value investing for the last five years and was quite impressed to hear Vishal giving a comprehensive overview of the value investing process in just one workshop.

The workshop is relevant for all who want to be serious value investors and one must definitely try to attend it. Very few people take out the time and energy and go out of their way to share the knowledge they have gathered over the years, Vishal is one of them. Kudos to his initiative Safal Niveshak! ~ Ashish Kila, Value Investor & CIO-Perfect Research

The Art of Investing Workshop literally takes us into the intricate but interesting world of Stock Market Investing. Not only was I able to brush up again on some age old wisdom, but some thoroughly fascinating ideas were imbibed which gave food for thought to munch on later.

The participants were also great and it was amazing how twenty year olds interacted so well with fifty year olds, with some phenomenal ideas being shared. The atmosphere was not like a typical classroom but more like a group discussion and I can’t think of even a single participant who did not participate in it. ~ Sanjeev Bhatia, CFPCM, Ludhiana

I attended the workshop held in Mumbai and I truly enjoyed the whole experience. Vishal told us beforehand the workshop isn’t about making you a star investor, instead for me it provided me with a foundation and encouraged me to think independently. It was a very refreshing take on lot of things in the capital markets and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. ~ Dhruv Udani, Mumbai

Let me start by saying I wish this Workshop happened few years back that would have saved me from a lot of investing blunders I was committing. This workshop was all about investing sensibly. If you are looking for tips on which stock to buy, you will be disappointed. But if you are serious about making your money work for you through stocks and related instruments, this workshop will empower you towards achieving your goal in a sensible way through value investing, the time tested method.

Everyone should participate in Safal Niveshak workshop for one very simple reason – Vishal’s Integrity and Clarity. He will make every effort to make you understand about investing and he will not give you so-called tips even if you pay him. It’s difficult to find people who follow what they preach. Keep an open mind and attend the workshop, you will be on your way to a better financial life. ~ Mansoor, Bangalore

Safal Niveshak’s initiative is all about empowering investors and would be investors. It was an idea whose time had come. I wonder why no one thought of it before.

Personally, what I liked of the workshop – It was simple, devoid of jargon, and came from the heart. Topics of particular interest to me were – Stock picking ideas, when to sell a stock, and asset allocation. I liked the coinage – “Are you a stock or a bond?” My only regret – I would have liked to see more people at the workshop, though at times a small group means more meaningful interaction.

On a lighter note – I wish this workshop was conducted 20-25 years ago, I would have been a multi billionaire by now! ~ R.K. Chandrashekar

I am fortunate and proud that I have attended the first workshop conducted by you in Bangalore. The workshop is one of its first kind and is really useful. What is unique is I don’t find any workshop with a sole purpose to educate people on Investing in stocks. Yes it is truly required these days to look for a way to investments other than traditional ways like deposits and bonds. At the same time, it is quite embarrassing to go for investment in stocks as we see the current world with cyclical Sensex index graph.

So there comes your workshop to move with lateral thinking that encompasses the urge to eliminate innocence, ignorance and start being knowledgeable on what we are doing. The workshop covered almost all the elements to start investing in stocks. Thanks Vishal! ~ Suresh Perumalla

Hi Vishal, first of all congratulations on conducting your first “Art of Investing” Workshop. Meeting you in person was great. I am glad that I was among few out of million people in Bangalore to gain from it. This would certainly give me some added advantages than others. I personally think that everyone who thinks of saving and investing must attend this workshop with an open mind, and I would personally recommend all my friends colleagues and relatives to do the same, because that way I would be helping them make better decision for their future and investing.

One should attend future workshop of “art of investing” and read your blog if….

1. You work hard for your money and want your money to work hard for you.
2. You want to be a person who wants to be control of his finances and investing
3. You want to learn how to be your own financial advisor.
4. You want to learn all the terms that you hear on BUTV or CNBCTV18 and think what they are.
5. You want to be able to make good decision about investment and stocks.
6. You want to make sure that those relatives and so called financial advisor didn’t fool you and don’t fool you in future if they have.
7. You want to learn what kind of investor you are?
8. You want to learn about risk and how to handle them.
9. You want to learn about how to evaluate a stock.
10.I can go on and on however I will sum it up by saying, above all if you want to learn, secure your future and be a Safal and happy Niveshak.

~ Vikrant Upadhyay

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