Value Investing Workshop – Instructors

Vishal KhandelwalVishal Khandelwal is the founder of, through which he teaches grown-ups how to make sensible decisions with their money. He has been doing this for the past six years now, after quitting his job in the stock market. Safal Niveshak, which Vishal started in 2011, is now a community of around 36,000+ dedicated readers, and has been ranked among the best value investing blogs worldwide. You can connect with Vishal on Twitter @safalniveshak.

Anshul Khare works as a Software Architect in the IT industry in Bangalore. He studied chemical engineering at IIT Bombay. He is an avid reader of books from various disciplines including investing, personal finance, psychology, philosophy, spirituality with special interests in the area of human behaviour and value investing. In the next life, he wants to take birth as Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes fame). You can connect with Anshul on Twitter @anshul81.

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