Value Investing Workshop – Curriculum

Here are the most important topics that we cover in the Workshop:

1. Introduction: My Experience with Investing’s Truth

  • Eight practical lessons I’ve learned over 14+ years of investing
  • Factors that drive stock market returns (they are not what you think)
  • Three fundamental forces of stock market investing
  • Investment success – Luck or skill?
  • Compounding and how most investors ignore its potent power

2. Value Investing: Principles and Practice

  • Value investing – Evolution from Graham to Buffett
  • Myths and realities of being a value investor
  • 10 qualities of the world’s greatest investors
  • Applying the power of compounding using the principles of value investing

3. Business Analysis

  • How to generate stock ideas – Process and structure
  • Screening for high-quality businesses
  • Business analysis – What you don’t know matters more
  • Seven most important questions to understand a business
  • Economic moats – Concept, components, sustainability, and regression to mean
  • Managements and moats
  • How and why of identifying the best businesses
  • When to sell a stock – Rules of selling

4. Financial Statements Analysis

  • How to read annual reports
  • Key numbers to identify moat and its sustainability
  • Assessing management quality – How numbers help
  • When earnings growth is a terrible idea
  • When cash isn’t king

5. Intrinsic Valuation

  • Understanding value
  • DCF – Calculation process, do’s and don’ts
  • Key valuation checks – Graham Formula, FCF Yield
  • Margin of safety – Key ideas and sources of margin of safety

6. Behavioural Finance

  • Why EQ is more important than IQ
  • Most lethal cognitive biases that hurt investment returns
  • Simple rules of minimizing biases to minimize investment mistakes
  • Key lessons on avoiding stupidity

7. Learning the Art of Elementary Worldly Wisdom

  • Greatest enemy of knowledge, and how to avoid it
  • How to survive the disruptive economy
  • How to mould your plastic brain
  • Knowledge – Depth vs breadth
  • How to achieve great things in life and investing
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