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What Investing Topics Do You Want Me to Write About?

Whatever I write at Safal Niveshak is for you. And I want it to be useful to you.

So a while back, I did a feature called “Ask Vishal,” where I answered investment-related questions asked by readers. And the response was good.

Going forward, I want to do something a little different.

Here’s what I’m asking.

Post topics of interest to you in the Comments section below – topics related to investing, stock market, and financial education, which you want me to write on Safal Niveshak.

Some topics I’ve already lined up based on readers’ requests are:

  • What should be my appropriate asset allocation?
  • Should I invest in large-cap, mid-cap, or small-cap stocks?
  • How to analyze balance sheet?
  • Series on Warren Buffett’s lessons for investors
  • When to buy and sell stocks?

If there’s some other topic related to investing that bothers you, just let me know in the Comments section below (or click here to submit your suggestion).

Based on the requests I receive, I’ll line up ones I think are particularly interesting and will benefit a wide audience, and write on them over the next few days and weeks.

I look forward to hear from you.

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About the Author

Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of Safal Niveshak. He works with small investors to help them become smart and independent in their stock market investing decisions. He is a SEBI registered Research Analyst. Connect with Vishal on Twitter.


  1. vijayshankar says:

    Hi Vishal,
    It would great if you explain the ipo process.I do not intend to invest in ipo’s but i would like to know the process by which a company can raise money from the capital market.I believe it would be great to know everything from scratch so i think if we know this process it would great for all investors.I would also like to know the minimum amount the promoter should have in the company.I also request you explain capital structure.


  2. Akbar Attar says:

    Let us say I have bought stock XYZ at about Rs. 15000/- The Stock has appreciated and has shown PLUS 40%. At this stage should I book partial profits by selling some quantity out of this stock? Or should I purchase more quantity and average out the cost to show say 20% profit?? Please add this as a point for your guidelines to us.

  3. R K Chandrashekar says:

    Dear Vishal
    Two topics which I would like you to cover:
    1. How to teach the value of money and inculcate the savings habit in the IT generation-20 somethings who are single, stay with parents and have no financial commitment.
    2. Retirement planning and model portfolio for different age groups
    like 35-45, 45-55, 55-65 years

    • Sure Mr. Chandrashekar. In fact, I’ve kept your first suggestion on top of my priority list of topics I’ll be covering over the next few days and weeks.

      The second suggestion is already part of the ‘asset allocation’ topic that I mentioned in the post above.

  4. 1. How would DTC affect investment (if it arrives this yr).
    2. Should anyone take a Critical Illness Cover? This insurance looks to me either useless or inadequate. For e.g. a Heart byapass surgery would be covered in normal health insurance. Liver transplantation costs around 40 lacs today. I think no one would take that much amount of CI. So to me it looks like CI cover is either useless or inadequate.

    • Thanks for your suggestions, Ram! While I’ll try to write a post on DTC, not sure if I’ll be able to work one around the second suggestion of insurance (as that’s out of my circle of competence). But yes, what you say is a valid argument against CI covers.

  5. Mansoor says:

    Vishalji, I think you should write about your own story on how you became financially free. I believe I read a comment by you somewhere where you mentioned that you quit your job and now you spend more time with you family. So, what was your life before, what you did right, how has it impacted your life and lifestyle that you are living now and so on. That will be an interesting one.
    Apart from that, if I have to generalize and suggest topics, please write more and more about equity market, sector analysis, how to identify a good stock from the thousands that’s out there, a model portfolio, and so on. This is my personal list, your other readers might have some interesting thoughts as well.

    • Hi Mansoor, thanks a lot for your suggestions! Well, whatever I write on Safal Niveshak is entirely based out of my experience as an investor and analyst. I’ll continue to share my experiences going forward as well. 🙂

      As for your other suggestions, these are nice suggestions and I’ll try and cover most of them very soon.

  6. Dear Vishal

    Thanks for writing informative posts and also letting the readers suggest topics. This is really great !

    If possible kindly post your point of view on the following –
    1. Is saving in Infra bonds (for tax saving) really worth it
    2. PPF interest is variable now, linked with gov securities. What is the historic variation of govt securities. Does the rate variation only impact that specific year.
    3. After DTC, how do we need to revise our strategy – PPF, 80C, 80CCF do they still hold.

    I understand that these might be very specific queries, but i could not locate this information elsewhere. You might include this info in detailed posts on this topics.

    Also, for the benefit of your readers, you can include the common financial pitfalls of a common salaried person – ULIPs, mis sold Investments/insurance, ponzi schemes, frauds etc

  7. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan says:

    Dear Vishal
    Write an article on how the middle class has more than healthy interest in real estate to the detriment of other modes of investing.

  8. Suresh Kumar Perumalla says:

    Hi Vishal,
    It’s my luck to read your articles… Is it only stocks you are interested to cover or any investements? For example, could you write a nice article on how to purchase home or land. How to escape from pitfalls from Bank Loans? what is the effective way to take home loan and clear it while investing money in other ways like doing stocks. I am really looking for anybody’s advise as I don’t want to mislead and stuck with one single big investment.


    Suresh K Perumalla

    • Hi Suresh, I’m sorry but all these topics are out of my circle of competence. Can any of the other commentator reply to Suresh’s queries or direct him to a reliable source for such an information?

    • vijayshankar says:

      Hi suresh,
      You can visit jagoinvestor[dot]com. It is a very useful personal finance blog.


  9. Dear Vishal,

    While you have covered many areas in going through a stock. I would liketo know how to analyze a stock after its announcement of quaterly or annual result and differentiate whether the result is good or bad and if bad whethere it is temp. issue or a long term problem. If good, whether that good is due to what reasons and whether it is sustainable.

    As an example, lets say Bharti announced result today and the market sees result as bad and stock is down. When I see the annual results yes the profits are down. But if you go deeper, I see increase in sales, subscribers added and so many positives. But I see interest cost very high due to the debt of african business, increase in fuel/power cost. Although I am not capable of analyzing the report, but after reading your various articles, I could have a glimpse of what is there in their annual report. Managment, Discussion & Analysis and Directors report (which I never read before till I came to SN), were quite encouraging and sound very positive about business and growth especially africa. The only major concern seem to be regualtory and spectrum fees. Competition is another issue, but it is not a long term problem, it will settle down over a time and leader should do well.

    My question here is how to identify in a stock, whether is it going through a temp. problem due to debt / high capex or other issues or is it a long term problem?

  10. Dear Vishal,
    I started with the first article few days back and reached till this point. Therefore, sorry if i am posting very late.
    I would like to read article basically on two points, written in your typical style.
    1) Series of articles on Analysis of Financial statements. ( e.g. Prof. Bakshi has given good analysis in the article related to Float and Moat part III with few real examples )
    2) Calculation of FCF


  11. It would be nice if you can throw some light on some of the expensive stocks right now (primarily from Pharma and FMCG space) which are fundamentally good companies. How does one build conviction to get into these companies at right price,…
    As Buffett says “its good to invest into good companies at fair price than to invest into not-so-good companies at cheap price”
    Is it still worth getting into some of these stocks?

  12. I would like you to Guide us on ‘Technical Charts’

  13. Hello Vishal,

    Topics of my interest would be ‘ A day in Life of Value Investor’ or ‘A day to day Life of Trader’.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Something even more basic …

    How do you define what should be the value of a company! how to use the building blocks (and how to pinpoint those among noise of financial data) that define the basis of share price.


  15. Karthikeyan says:

    I am new to stocks in fact new to investment itself.
    Based on my literature survey, I feel value investment really make sense and i feel addressing follow topics would be really useful for freshers like me
    1. Who is who in Indian industry ? – Generally value investment books refer this topic, but they refer to businesses in USA. Therefore i believe discussing this topic in Indian sense would be of great use
    2. Valuating a business ? – variables to be looked in different industry / sector and constraints in predicting them, for example in reality, power, FMCG , bank .. you can tabulate them
    3. In Intrinsic value calculation methods, which method would be opt for a particular industry? – Based on industry type, asset level, growth rate you can discuss them
    4. Sources of Industry information we need follow. you can suggest reports, newsletters etc

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