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Reinvent the Way You Invest, Work, and Live (Special Course)

After writing almost 400 posts on Safal Niveshak over the past two years, and after receiving hundreds of emails from readers seeking ideas on becoming better investors, I realized one thing.

It’s that a proper structure was needed to make the learning on value investing more effective and lifelong.

What is more, a lot of people have also written to me to understand how I have created my own financial life, and how in the world I am living an extraordinary life…free of all bondages, following my passion, and still thriving in complete financial security. 🙂

You see, it is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results in life.

What you need are simple ideas, and the discipline and patience to follow them.

I have already shared a lot of such simple ideas with you over the past two years.

Now, to top it all, I have created a structure to my learning as an investor and how I’ve been able turn my passion into paycheque, which I believe can help you in your own pursuit of financial freedom as well.

This I have done through a special and intensive one-year online course for you, called…

My idea of launching The Safal Niveshak Mastermind is two-pronged. This course will help you with…

  1. Deep and accelerated learning in value investing and personal finance to help you create your financial freedom; and
  2. Step-by-step guidance on turning your passion into a money-generating business so that you can live your life the way you want to live it.

While all regular Safal Niveshak posts are still free and will always be free, The Safal Niveshak Mastermind course will go deeper into the process of creating change in your financial life.

By taking up this course, you will learn step-by-step how to take care of your money in the most sensible manner, plus how to turn your passion into paycheque so that you can free yourself from working for someone else and create your financial life on your own terms.

I’ve sifted through a mountain of amazing books, documents, lectures, websites, and the last ten years of my personal experience as an investor and two as an entrepreneur to ensure that I bring the best ideas and lessons for you in value investing, personal finance, and living life on your own terms.

The goal of The Safal Niveshak Mastermind course is simple – To help you get richer every single day.

What You’ll Get by Joining?

In all, The Safal Niveshak Mastermind will include the following…

1. Premium Course in Value Investing
This course will include…

  • Several hours of audio and video classes apart from a few real-life case studies that will help you learn the nuances of Value Investing and how you can apply it to create long-term wealth through stock investing.
  • Lessons on identifying moats and analyzing specific sectors to help you build your circle of competence.
  • Lessons on building a latticework of mental models – the Charlie Munger way – to make better investment decisions.
  • Process of analyzing financial statements and calculating intrinsic valuations.
  • Everything I teach through my “Art of Investing” Workshops, and much more.
  • Exclusive Forum to analyze specific stock ideas so that you can gain practical experience in doing your own independent analysis, plus get in touch with fellow investors.

2. The Safal Niveshak True Wealth Letter
This will be a series of articles that will include…

  • Habit-Building Ideas on Investing & Personal Finance: You will receive practical and tested ideas in investing and personal finance that will help you bring about a sea change in the way you manage your money. It will be like a habit-building exercise that, if you implement, can really lead you towards a comfortable financial life.
  • Interviews with “In-Control” Investors: I have conducted a few interviews with leading value investors in the past. There will be a lot more interviews that I will be conducting in the future – not just with value investors but also with people who are in complete control of their financial lives. This will give you the opportunity to learn straight from the inspiring financial lives of people who have done it!
  • Book Reviews: You will learn the big ideas from some of the best investing books and resources I have read so far and will be reading over the next few months. The idea will be to provide you with simple money rules from people who have already crated wealth using the right financial rules.

3. Course: Turn Your Passion into Paycheque
This is a course that a lot of tribesmen have requested me for. Here, you will learn the step-by-step method of turning your passion into a regular stream of money – or an alternative source of income – so that you can do what you love to do, and not be worried anymore about someone else deciding your financial life and future.

Through this course, I will share my experiences in changing my own life by reinventing the way I work, and guide you on how you can do it for yourself.

4. Special E-Books, Excel Workbooks, Videos and Podcasts
From time to time, you will receive special e-books, workbooks, videos and podcasts…all towards enhancing your learning in investing, personal finance, and turning your passion into lifelong earning.

How You Can Join?

I will launch The Safal Niveshak Mastermind on 15th August 2013 – goes well with the idea of “freedom” 🙂 – but invite you to pre-register for the same right away.

Sorry, pre-registrations for The Safal Niveshak Mastermind course are now closed!

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About the Author

Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of Safal Niveshak. He works with small investors to help them become smart and independent in their stock market investing decisions. He is a SEBI registered Research Analyst. Connect with Vishal on Twitter.


  1. Vishal,
    I am really happy to see the email announcing the launch of Safal Niveshak Mastermind course today evening. I have been waiting for a long time for a course like this from you. I am looking forward for August 15th Launch and hope to learn many things from you which will help me in my own personal journey for achieving financial freedom. I am sure with a master like you all of the people who subscribes to the training will benefit a lot. Having gone through most of your excellent article I am sure as a teacher/trainer you will do an excellent job. I wish all the very best for this new initiative from you.


  2. hi Vishal!!
    Great initiative!!
    just one we need to be physically present for some part of your course or 100% “opportunity” can be availed online …u say that we can learn at our own speed…


  3. Murali Krishnan says:

    Thanks Vishal !.
    Waiting for something like this…Liked the idea of special forum for discussing specific stocks..Already pre-registered 🙂


  4. Hi Vishal,

    Congratulations on announcing this course.

    What a great opportunity to learn not one, but two things from you. Value Investing and Turning Passion into Paycheck. I think, we all will benefit from your way of making things simpler and reach financial freedom soon.

    All the best. Glad to see you as an “Authority”.


  5. Thanks Avadhut 🙂 Regards.

  6. Shamil Abdul Kader says:

    Great initiative Vishal. Looking forward to start the course, already registered.

  7. Sameer Hirani says:

    Great Initiative Vishal,

    One question, how should we pay you (internet banking i guess) !!!

  8. Do we have an option of paying in parts?
    (Call it EMI or SIP) 🙂

  9. Thanks for this super initiative Vishal! Looking forward to some good learning and interactive sessions.

  10. Sandip Mukherjee says:

    Thanks Vishal! Wish you all the best in this new endeavor of yours!

  11. Any options for overseas learners Vishal ?

  12. Thanks for wounderful initiative !


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