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The Journey of Safal Niveshak

Taking a break from writing on investing, behaviour, and business, today I share with you the journey of Safal Niveshak over the past 4+ years.

This is a short presentation I gave at a recent meetup of value investors, and I thought I must share it with you too…for you have been my partner in this journey.

So if you want to know anything and everything about what Safal Niveshak is and what it stands for, you will find in this presentation (click here or read in the panel below).

It’s a long journey, but it’s worth it. And I thank you for being my fellow traveller.

Now, as we move ahead, I would love to have your thoughts on how this journey has been for you. Please click here to share your thoughts.

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About the Author

Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of Safal Niveshak. He works with small investors to help them become smart and independent in their stock market investing decisions. He is a SEBI registered Research Analyst. Connect with Vishal on Twitter.


  1. Sanjiv Gupta says:

    Dear Vishal,
    I red your posts with interest and feel proud to be a part of Safal Niveshak family.
    I like the honest and point-blank approach of yours with no words minced. Its very rare to find such honesty these days.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Manish Chandra says:

    Dear Manish,

    Congratulations for the splendid Journey & best of luck for the future.
    Its a learning experience from my side.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge & experience with us.

    Manish Chandra

  3. Shailesh Naik says:

    Dear Vishal ,

    I stumbled on your site in 2012 and I have been reading it regularly . Perhaps most inspiring blog for me was ” why I quit” .

    I had been value investor since 2008 , and became financially independent by 2011, but still had no guts to start on my own . My goals kept on shifting , but your journey as entrepreneur inspired me . How you went on growing scope of safal niveshak & now on enterprenuership + added value to people lives around you charged me .

    Finally I quit in April 2015 and have started on my own . Look forward to meet you in person some day

    Regards and Wish u all the best for future .

    Shailesh Naik

  4. R K Makhijani says:

    Dear Vishal,

    Congratulations on your successful journey. It is a great source of inspiration to all those who want to break free from the mundane and follow their passion.

    Your articles are very well written and educative.

    I wish you even greater success in your endeavours!

    Best wishes,
    R K Makhijani

  5. Jayachandaran says:

    Vishal thanks for ur great initiative. I am awakened by you in investing


  6. Hi Vishal,

    In the todays world, Your posts are those rare pieces of advice who do not have any hidden vested interests. As small investors, we find it very difficult to get Investment Advice which is free from advertisements or biased towards/against something.

    Your unbiased inputs prove to be very valuable to us in taking investment decisions.
    Please keep up this initiative and Best of Luck for the Future ….


  7. Aejas Lakhani says:

    I am a big fan of SN. I have had the privilege of meeting Vishal. And Anshul as well. SN is true to its word of delivering great value through its communication material. I have benefitted significantly. I look forward to SN posts in my inbox. The minute i get them, i leave things aside and read them first. Truly grateful to Vishal and Anshul. Thanks a lot for these wonderful nuggets of wisdom! I sincerely wish your readership exceeds greater heights because retail investors will significantly benefit. On my part, i forward SN emails to people and keep pushing people to subscribe. Thank a lot once again SN 🙂

  8. Thanks a lot Vishal for the enlightenment you have given to us all. It’s been a wonderful experience learning from you. I have gained tremendously. Thank you once again… I have a little question, do you offer anything such as certificate on the completion of your course?.

  9. Sunil Manuel says:

    Hello Vishal,
    Congrats on taking up this initiative. All the best for the future. Your simplicity in thought and action is very impressive, much like Guy Spiers. You have been a source of learning for me.
    Thank you, All the best

  10. Dear Vishal, I have been with you for last three years and each of your posts have been an absolute revelation to me. I have not used an iota of what you have said in stock markets but used each of these concepts in my daily life. I also embarked on a new journey around the same time you started with yours and using learning from your posts, I have satisfaction of stating that I have reached a level. Sad to say that I have also seen some of my fellow compatriots falling on the wayside as they refused to heed this universal wisdom.
    I am reminded of a poem I read in school of one Abu Ben Adam (May his tribe grow), may the tribe of Safal Niveshak always grow and be the guiding light to those who seek knowledge and tools for using it.
    Warm Regards

  11. Dear Vishal,
    I have immensely gained from your site. My way of investing in stocks has completely changed after i started religiously following your site. I can clearly this from the quality of investments that i made in 2006 and 2013 onwards when i started following your site. If at all there is one thing which i have to point out which i have learnt from this site is ‘patience’.
    Thank you

  12. Ketan Desai says:

    Dear Vishal
    Congratulations! Safal Niveshak is a great initiative and I have learned and benefitted a lot from your posts and newsletter, thank you very much for sharing the knowledge! All the very best.

  13. Great website for every value investing. Thanks

  14. Congratulations Vishal Sir.
    SN is a treasure trove for any value investor be it for topics ranging from investing, financial planning, legendary investors, behavioral finance, mental models, etc.

    Your website and the articles has proven very valuable to me (and 18K+ other followers). I keep coming back to it a couple of times in a week when I need a healthy dose of investing wisdom.

    Thanks for your efforts and all the very best for lots of years to come.

  15. Kulbir Lamba says:

    Its a wonderful journey and wish for ti to be more exciting in the time to come..i have come to know about SN in 2015 and regretted for not being part of it since 2011..Anyway it better late than never..

    It is good to know that SN has some consistency about what it will not do (e.g stock recommendation)

    Happy learning to all the friends..



  16. Dear Vishal-The work you have been doing for small investors like me is unimaginable.
    We , small investors, are rarely guided by right person . We generally guided by stock brokers, agents , television channels, magazines etc. They have their own interest. I am enjoying learning experience with Safal Niveshak. I wish I could have joined Safal Niveshak 2-3 years back! Now I am proud to be a Safal Niveshakian. You have completed 4 years journey and I think you will be completing many more years. Thank you and wish you very best. Regards- Ganesh

  17. Dinesh Pethkar says:

    Dear Vishalji,
    I red your posts as soon as your posting.I really feel lucky to find You,and wished to find you early.Very much obliged to part of your family. A very great part of my success in investing is belong to you, Sir.
    I like the honesty and sincerity very rare in these days.
    Keep obliging us by such great work.

  18. Vishal, never missed any of your post on this blog since beginning. For many of the posts, I felt OMG, how one can come up with such a wonderful articles. No doubt, you are a gifted writer. Most of them are masterpieces and I sincerely believe that these could be part of the MBA syllabus for the next generation. For some posts, wished I could have been a publisher to capture these in a book.

    Never realized it is been 4 years and be aware that many of us are appreciating your work silently. Although am in top mgmt and achieved financial freedom long back, your posts are often a stress buster and quite refreshing at least for me.

  19. R K Chandrashekar says:

    Dear Vishal
    4 years, and what a journey it has been. You have traversed a path, less traveled; dark and deep, and miles to go before sleep! Personally, it has been an experience like no other- brutal, frank and unbiased, topped with nuggets from Warren Buffet, et all. About all, you have comes across as a fine human being , who has walked the talk.


    Dear Vishal
    Congratulations, and you deserve it. Your success shows, the success of the TRUTH. The courage to show the real face of investing and the dark face of investing. I was in search of value in investing, and you proved, that value investing only will survive at the end.
    May God help you to show black and whites of investing world, and let your Caravan move forward!
    Wish you all the best.

  21. I have been following your posts for two years and is serioulsy amazed by your dedication and the quest for knowledge. You are focused on helping individuals achieve a state of clarity, overcoming their fears and anxieties, and inspiring them to see the truth behind the curtains.
    I wish that you will continue with this great work for years to come. Cheers…


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