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Join me as I uncover the truth behind the working of the stock markets, and the human investing brain. Some of my ideas will inspire you. Some will make you uncomfortable. All will challenge you to think outside the box. Join 6000+ investors who receive The Safal Niveshak Post straight into their mailbox, free!

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Poke the Box

Given the noise all around, it often gets difficult for most of us to separate the important from junk when it comes to ideas on money, investing and human behaviour. Not any more Join my free weekend e-letter – Poke the Box, where I will share ideas that I read on the web and that will stimulate your mind.

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Value Investing Course

This is a free 20-lesson course on the time-tested principles of value investing – the most sensible way of investing – that will teach you the simple tricks that have helped the world’s best investors get so rich. Sign up for Value Investing for Smart People and get on to the path of sensible, long term investing.

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Art of Investing Workshop

Safal Niveshak’s Art of Investing Workshop is about transforming your relationship and results with your money. It’s about leading you to a new, simple way of thinking about investing that can unleash the smart investor within you, and lead you to prosperity and financial peace of mind.

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The Safal Niveshak Mastermind is a one-year course to help you reinvent how you invest, do work that matters, and create your own financial freedom. Here, you get accelerated learning in value investing and personal finance, plus step-by-step guidance to turn your passion into paycheque.

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Safal Niveshak Forum

The Safal Niveshak Forum is a unique place where the tribe converges to shares ideas on investment learning, stocks, and other key aspects. It’s one place you want to be to know what other tribesmen are reading, and thus benefit from the amazing amount of vicarious learning.

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10 Reasons to Join the Safal Niveshak Tribe

“It means ‘Empowerment’. A powerful force that was lying dormant has been unleashed.” ~ R K Chandrashekar

“Anyone can master the techniques of stock investment and profit from them by following Vishal’s posts regularly.” ~ Manish Sharma

“…plain speak, no-nonsense view about investing.” ~ Indranil Maitra

“I felt this is my blog.” ~ Hari Kumar

“It is so genuine, one can completely believe that the author is recommending without any financial interest….so rare!!” ~ Sameer Hirani

“Vishal’s passion to teach Value Investing is contagious and his informal yet definitive style of teaching is par excellence.” ~ Gautamjit Singh

“…selfless service to the small investor.” ~ Samson Francis

“For the common man who wants to take complete control of his financial life.” ~ Mahesh Santhanagopalan

“I have gone through 100s of sites and 1000s of blogs and finally i have found my home. Thank you for this experience!” ~ Harshad Parulekar

“It’s like a teacher. When I just started to learn my lessons, it literally sat with me, taught me the ABCD of investing.” ~ Shankar Patil

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