In our interconnected world—with its accelerating rate of change—flexibility and an open mind are vital to investment success.

Follow Vishal as he uncovers the truth behind, and beyond, the working of the stock markets, economy, and the human brain.

Some of his ideas will inspire you. Some will make you uncomfortable. All will challenge you to think outside the box.

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“The Safal Niveshak Post is a grand post to be with everyday…not just informative and reassuring but very crisp and clear…words that stay with you and make you see the financial markets in perspective. Am definitely listening to Vishal, and waiting for more!” ~ Nupur Jain, Jaipur

“Life is unpredictable and change is inevitable. Changes carry all surprises embedded with miracles. By nature we resist changes and remain delude of miracles and suffer in life. This is our faith and self confidence which helps to remain ahead in odd situations. A similar kind of experience I encountered when one of my friend shared the website of Safal Niveshak. I just thought it’s another website of investments advice and thanked my friend. I had very bad experience of broker’s tips. To my surprise “Safal Niveshak” is an exception. It’s an educational site for investors and makes them confident while taking any investment decision. In just a week’s time, I liked this site so much that every day morning I look forward for new teaching from Safal Niveshak.” ~ Pradeep Bahuguna, Sr. Manager-Corporate HR, Tata Business Support Services

“It takes guts to take the entire money making machinery HEAD ON – be it the stock market analysts, government policies, news channels etc. Great job done Safal Niveshak! Please continue to drive this Movement of educating retail investors like us. Thanks again for making me a Safal Niveshak.” ~ Nakul Gupta, New Delhi

“Safal Niveshak is one the best guides for your investment. I read few articles on its blog and realized how ignorant we are when it comes to investing in stocks. Don’t let your hard earned money go waste. Learn art of investing yourself through Safal Niveshak.” ~ Abhishek Daga, Co-Founder, Thrillophilia

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Of course the stock market landscape will always remain dotted with shady principles. Time and again, you will get caught wrong-footed by this shadiness. But if you know what these lies are, you will be in a better position to side-step them.

And only this can help you to big success and wealth through investing. Only this can help you become a true Safal Niveshak.

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Special E-Book #2: Reading the ideas and experiences of others is a great way of improving our own lives. And investing is no different. Those who know about the lives and investing experiences of legendary investors like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Philip Fisher, also know that they read a lot. And reading is one of the key reasons they have been so successful in their investing businesses.

This E-book showcases my top five picks of the greatest all time books on investing. Read, enjoy, and become a wiser investor.

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