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The Idea of Safal Niveshak

I recently presented at Agile India 2016, a tech conference in Bangalore. Given my tech illiteracy, I wouldn’t have spoken there but for the invitation from a long time tribe member who wanted me to share my experience in building the Safal Niveshak tribe.

Click here to download my presentation slides PDF (2 MB file).

This presentation captures the entire idea of Safal Niveshak – what we stand for and what you, as a tribe member, should expect from us in the future.

At this point, here is something I would request you to share with me in case you have been a tribe member for some time – Has Safal Niveshak benefited you in your investment journey? If yes, how? If not, how could we make your experience better in the future?

Please share your thoughts – feedback / testimonial / suggestion – in the Comments section of this post. I would love to hear from you.

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About the Author

Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of Safal Niveshak. He works with small investors to help them become smart and independent in their stock market investing decisions. He is a SEBI registered Research Analyst. Connect with Vishal on Twitter.


  1. D Vishal, I first heard you @ NetworkFP Conference in Jan 2015 and since then i have been following you on all medias, Twitter as well Safal iveshak website as well as your mailers.
    Thanks to you n your team for spreading the Knowledge of Wisdom….

    Appreciate alll ur presentations.. Would like to invite you for a Investor Meet/ Seminar to Aurangabad .

  2. Hi Vishal,

    I am not good at wording things properly.Just wanted to let you know that “You are doing a great job”.

  3. Aditya Maheshwari says:

    I just want to thank you for what you have done to me for introducing me Value Investment. Although, I am still learning…but the journey would have much tough without the support of Safal Niveshak. SIncere thanks.

  4. Vishal Chhetri says:

    Hi Vishal,

    Safal Niveshak was one of the earliest blogs that introduced me into the world of value investing! I then started reading the books that you recommended, started reading about Professor Bakshi and other Indian value investors, and fell in love with the idea of value investing. Value investing was in sync with my thought process. Till then, I had tried several quick fixes technique, which hadn’t really worked – in fact I was losing me money.

    Having said that, I lost the opportunity to attend your workshop while I was still staying in Navi Mumbai. Now I am back in my hometown, but I really want to attend it sooner than later. I hope that you will make a stop at Kolkata one of these days for your workshop!

  5. Deepak Ahuja says:

    Hi Vishal

    This one is excellent and full of nuggets for start ups.

    Would urge you to write more on valuation. thanks

  6. Your blog introduced me to the basics of value investing. Love that you –
    i) summarize ideas from different investing greats in one place
    ii) make financial concepts accessible to non-finance folk
    iii) focus on common mistakes.
    Also really appreciate your regular letters to tribe members which are very useful to a newbie in volatile markets to keep course.

    Would it be possible to host a member, once in a while, to give his take on a sector in his circle of competence (say cement). This would give us an insiders look at the moats, immediate challenges, outlook for the future.

    Looking forward to learning more from you….

  7. Ajay Merchant says:

    Great presentation. Your passion to help educate investors reflects clearly. It is a very noble intention and wish you all the very best in this journey.

  8. Thanks for agreeing to share your learnings @ AgileIndia2016. Your talk was superb and very useful to many of us. Look forward to have you again in future.

  9. Nishanth Muralidhar says:

    It has benefited me immensely. You present ideas in a very simple , clean , crisp format. Your writing is very simple , but delivers the message very effectively.

    I would like more StockTalk issues and Annual Report Analysis on this website

  10. Fauntleroy says:

    Incredibly informative. Saves me enormous time from reading books. Delivers a mountain of knowledge quick and concise. If books were cane, safalniveshak would be sugar. Deeply indebted

  11. Karan Mistry says:

    Hello sir. I am a Chartered Açcountancy student & a beginner investor from Vapi .A friend who is research analyst recommended me this site. This is a very unique platform & I am extremely impressed with your investment ideology & teachings & examples. ~thank you sir…

  12. VINEET SAJWAN says:

    sir, i am a beginner in investment industry and now i feel confident that a financial planner like you are with me.
    i have some more query about investment.. from where i can contact you and tell you about my mutual fund investment query. please suggest.

  13. Hi Vishal

    You are doing a great job by educating the people about Value investing. Regular Articles on website always have few takeaways. However Best section for me is your videos on how to read balance sheets, Cash flow statements etc of non-accounting people like me.

    It will be quite helpful if you can post few regular case studies based on past data/Annual Reports(AR) reports or may open a moderated discussion forum where AR based concepts can be discussed.


  14. Mehul Pathak says:

    Hi Vishal,

    My heartiest congrats on all the success you are achieving with Safal Niveshak. I always look forward to your regular posts as well as Almanack copies. You and Anshul are doing a fantastic job, and I can imagine how difficult it must be to remain relevant and ensure meaningful education, with such recurring frequency without being repeatitive. Your examples are appropriate and book recommendations are fantastic.The links you share are always worth my time to read/watch.

    Safal Niveshak is certainly helping me become a better investor as a wiser human being.

    Please keep up the great work. All the best !


    Best Regards,
    Mehul Pathak

  15. Hello Vishal Khandelwal

    Great work and wonderful presentation ! Better write an article about “Investing Ideas for beginners”. These will help most of your blog visitor.

  16. Peeyush Garg says:

    Hi Vishal,
    Dont know how to say thanks to you for sharing wisdom and explaining wisdom from other value investors like Warren buffet, charli munger,Peter lynch, …. etc Sanjay bakhshi . . . . etc..

    Ur posts/basic course helped me to be on the path of value investing. I read your posts regularly, as I can understand and corelate them with my experiences. However Anshul models related posts , sometimes bounced from my head 🙂 . Still i try to read /understand them.

    May god bless you and help u to be there, where u want to reach in your life..

    Hats off to your commitment/passion for distributing value investing knowledge in simple and easy to understand language. Even folks from non finance background can understand them..

    With Best Wishes
    Peeyush Garg

  17. Dr.Sunil Manuel says:

    Hi Vishal & Anshul.
    I am an orthopaedic surgeon and closely follow your blogs. Appreciate the work you are doing. Haven’t understood much about value investing part since I’ve not read them seriously. I must however point out that I am fascinated by the blogs on mental models and philosophy and the corresponding references much of which I relate to my daily clinical work, interaction with patients and during surgery. Its broadened my horizon of life and its meaning and helped me to be a better and more empathetic doctor than I was in the past. A different perspective coming from a doctor I am sure will reinforce the your commitment and sense of purpose regarding why you started Safal Niveshak.
    All the best…

  18. Dr.Manohar Ahuja says:

    Dear vishal, I M in stock market since 26,27 years,mostly entering, exiting off and on,at wrong times..hence generally lost good amount of money. Came to know about your blog about 2 yr.ago..also attended workshop at Raipur. Now I feel bcoz of your teachings I M much stable, bit mature not only in regards to stocks, but in general way of life. Teaming with anshul is like what we say…” Sone pe suhaga” great team…

  19. Excellent presentation! Thank you Vishal…Its always an enriching experience to read your work..! Kind Regards.

  20. Freeman Rodrigues says:

    Conviction & Patience are the two important virtues of a successful investor. And Safal Niveshak focus on helping the investor to build it. It was help me to build this 2 qualities.

  21. Hi Vishal,

    I’m a long time member. One thing I can strongly say, that anyone with little knowhow can read you & gain immense knowledge that you share FOC. It is only through you I came to know about other legends. Thank you for everything & Hats off to you big boss.

  22. Abhinav Adithya says:

    Incredibly informative…. Your presentation is very effective Vishal, keep guiding more and i’m going to read your articles regularly.

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