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Have an Investing Question? Just Ask Vishal

Ever since I started Safal Niveshak in July 2011, I have received 7,500+ emails from readers asking their doubts and questions mostly related to investing and personal finance.

While I must have responded to 7,000+ of those emails since then, I am guilty of missing out responding to the remaining 500 emails, owing to either lack of time, or procrastination (I hold a PhD in it!).

I thus apologize to readers who have not received replies from me till yet…and if they still subscribe to my emails.

Anyways, to ensure that I do not miss out on replying to so many questions in the future, I have created a special page on Safal Niveshak called “Ask Vishal”.

Ask Vishal will be the centralized location where I invite all your questions henceforth – questions related to the following subjects –

  • General Investing
  • Value Investing (except stock tips or stock-specific questions)
  • Basic Personal Finance
  • Blogging
  • Reading

Having all the questions and answers on this one platform will also help people with similar questions get their answers without having to ask them again.

Anyways, I also invite members of the tribe to help me answer questions that are received on this platform, so that we all get to share our knowledge and make this a mutually beneficial forum (plus I get to cut down my burden of replying to all questions). 🙂

All you need to get started on Ask Vishal is register here for free, and then log in with your credentials.

Remember, whenever you have an investing question, all you have to do is ask.

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About the Author

Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of Safal Niveshak. He works with small investors to help them become smart and independent in their stock market investing decisions. He is a SEBI registered Research Analyst. Connect with Vishal on Twitter.


  1. Rajesh says:

    Hi Vishal, Thanks for the new initiative ! please tell me how can I answer to an answer to my question? (or continue on a discussion to the answers?) it asks me to sign in for answer but once I clicked on the question, I could see discussion but it seems I logged out or I could n’t see any button to click for a reply.

  2. Amit Kinhikar says:

    Thanks Vishal !

  3. Nelson Christian says:

    Hello Vishal,

    I have already made use of this wonderful opportunity. Forgot to thank you for providing us this opportunity. It will definitely help many people like me who do not know where and whom to ask many questions or doubts that we have. Thanks again. By the way is there a cap on the number of questions a person can ask?

    Kind regards,

  4. Nelson Christian says:

    Hello Vishal,

    Maybe you have read this earlier but still sharing it with you. Found this to be very interesting.

  5. Hello Vishal ji,
    First of all congrats and many thanks for selecting this interesting topic , as there are always a certain queries and doubt after reading about a lot of value investors and the books recommended by them.
    My question:
    As Charlie Munger advises us to acquire multi-disciplinary knowledge and apply it to the problem solving (be it a finance problem or some general one), I wanted to know how to acquire a mutli-disciplinary know mean what to read in indian context and more importantly how to apply the multi-disciplineary knowledge in indian equity mkt.
    Charlie Munger has given one excellent example on how to apply multi-disciplinary knowledge by referring the success of coca cola in his “practical thoughts on practical thoughts”.
    Can you or some of our fellow tribesmen give such example in our Indian equity mkt context.


  6. Hi Vishal,
    Most of us who trade in stocks are registered to big brokerage house like M Oswal etc Now they do give us research reports on which companies to invest and how much and what returns can be expected. Now I am following their advice and making money around 15% annually. Now why should I take the headache to go through financial statements of some company, study it the sector it operates in the competition it has and do my own research, I hardly have time for that? and you never know your own research is right or wrong. Its ok to know few basic things like diversification of assets etc. why do we have to get so infactuated about stocks when only people who make real money is sanjay bakshi, jhunjhunwala..I mean the big names.what about us simple people who have a day job, why its required for us? If professionals sitting at brokerage houses can be wrong, any body can be wrong! even buffet is wrong many times. Please answer.

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