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The Best of Safal Niveshak in 2012

What a year it has been!

Starting with 250 readers and a few believers, Safal Niveshak closes 2012 with over 4,000 tribesmen, and a lot of them actually believers in what I’m trying to do here.

It might be too early to say this, but given hundreds of emails I’ve received in this year so far, Safal Niveshak is developing a few traditions as far as sensible investing is concerned.

One of them is “independence of thought”, which I believe will ultimately lead to objectivity and rationality in the way you behave as an investor.

The second tradition is that of “preparation”, which involves developing into a lifelong self-learner through voracious reading.

I know a lot of you still hate reading, but believe me, like all great habits even this will take time. But it will come. 🙂

The third tradition is that of “intellectual humility”. I have rarely met investors outside this tribe who readily accept their investment mistakes. So kudos to you!

I may go on and on about what so many tribesmen have written to me on how Safal Niveshak is gradually changing their lives, but that’s not important.

What’s most important about this initiative is that you believe in it. And this keeps me going.

Anyways, I know you are not in a mood to read a lengthy discourse in this holiday season, so I would close (almost nearly) with my choice of the top ten posts for 2012.

This list is based on what I thought were my best ten shots during the year (in no particular order).

10 best posts on Safal Niveshak in 2012

I’d like to thank you for being the great tribesman you’ve been all through 2012. I’d also like to extend my special thanks to the following top ten commentators on Safal Niveshak so far, who have enriched the ideas that I share here…

  1. Sudhir: 167 comments
  2. Sanjeev Bhatia: 150
  3. Shankar: 98
  4. Vikrant: 89
  5. Mansoor: 86
  6. Manish Sharma: 81
  7. Karthik: 79
  8. Ajay: 66
  9. Sunny Gupta: 62
  10. R. K. Chandrashekar: 42

On a final note, as the year ends, I want to share with you my sadness on the death of the young Delhi girl last week alongwith a lot like her whom we are killing, both inside and outside the womb, every day!

I don’t know what’s the solution to this menace (revolt or protest certainly isn’t), but if we tribesmen can all pledge to stand up for the women around us, we’ll be doing a great service to this society.

I could’ve omitted writing about this on an investing blog, but than Safal Niveshak isn’t just about investing. It’s more about how we can together bring about a positive change in the way we live our lives so that we leave the world a better place than we found it.

Anyways, here’s wishing you a very Happy (and safe) New Year 2013.

I would love to know if and how Safal Niveshak helped you in your investment journey during 2012. I would also like to know your choice of the best post for the year.

I’ll have lots more for you in the new year. Can’t wait to see you then!

Note: Seats for the Kolkata Workshop are filling up fast. So if you are in Kolkata on 16th February 2013 and want to attend my Art of Investing Workshop, kindly click here to register.

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About the Author

Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of Safal Niveshak. He works with small investors to help them become smart and independent in their stock market investing decisions. He is a SEBI registered Research Analyst. Connect with Vishal on Twitter.


  1. It is really our pleasure Vishal…:)
    I too had a wonderful 2012, lot of great things happened along the way.
    And you really played a great role in practice of minimalism and my investing life.
    Thank you very much for your wonderful posts and very excited to see your new ideas in the new year..
    Value Investing, the Sanjay Bakshi way and An open letter to my daughter, are my choice of best posts for the year.

  2. My favorite – Value Investing, the Sanjay Bakshi way…


  3. best of luck for 2013. i am sure all you dreams and plans will bear fruits

  4. Ajit Kumar L says:

    2012 – that’s the year, I “discovered” your site. Now I have inherited a lot of your thinking. Thank you. Will be eager to read more of your posts.

  5. Reni George says:

    Dear Vishal
    Its after a long time that iam having a comment on safal niveshak forum, would not let 2012 end without that,well this year has been truly a roller coaster ride in terms of market parlance,still undecided where this market would lead us,as some vital parameters for a bull market missing,high interest rate still in the force,low rate of savings,high interest rate and above all the GDP not matching with the market rate.Well its always said that the market behaves in a irrational way,but these year has been fruitful for my thinking,i got associated with such a tribe that not only thinks great in the sense of upliftment of its members but is also forefront in the social issues that plague our country.Here i met some great thinkers at last like vishal,ks chandrashekhar sir,sanjeev bhatia,shankar patil,manish sharma,sunny and many more who were ready to put more insight into the learning and as well as help in matters of doubtful minds.I would like to thank vishal for creating such a endeavour.Though 2012 is ending in a way i would not have like,the death of a sweet girl who was mauled by the vultures of the society,well calling them vultures would be also demeaning to the vultures as they also do something good to the society.Here we need to do something which will change the way out country looks upon its women.2012 also ended with me getting hospitalized for the first time in last ten years,and myself getting calls from vishal and manish and many others to get well soon and start taking active part in the tribe again.

    Well all said and done 2012 has also i think,taught has many things in investment and life and let 2013 bring in more joy to the world and let us also give more joy to the world.

    Thanking everyone on this forum who stood by this structure,wishing you all a happy 2013 and life full of richness in terms of knowledge,health,wealth,emotions etc.

    Thanks and Regards
    Happy Investing

    Reni George

  6. Dear Tribe Members,

    To me the site, the articles, the company reports, all the ‘gyan’ from various tribe members is a very rewarding experience. I have learnt a lot, picked up names of some very good personalities and books and realised how minuscule my level of knowledge is.
    So thank you every one and wish you all a very “value”able and Happy and Healthy New Year.

    Sudhir Bhargava

  7. R.K.Chandrashekar says:

    Dear Vishal and fellow tribesman
    You have enriched our lives in more ways than one. Every one of your posts were of great value, but if I were to single out the ones that truly inspired me it would be: 1. Value Investing Sanjay Bakshi Way & 2. Open Letter to my Daughter.( I wish i could have done the same a long while ago- alas, she is a few months away from becoming a Lawyer- a law unto herself!! I must admit though, she does take some interest to know what i invest in , etc, unlike my son- knows only the ATM to draw his salary and @ end of the month comes to dad’s ATM!!)
    With great difficulty, i made him invest in two mutual funds(SIP route).

    One a more serious note: While we are all saddened at the tragic death of the girl,my blood boils to see politicians of all class trying to ”cash in” and gain mileage in the eyes of the common man. Every one seems to be only talking of fast track courts and harsher punishment for Rapists. We are all responsible for this sorry state of affairs. Do we not elect criminals and rapists to Parliament? We have gun totting MLA’s throwing their weight around and watching Pornography on their Mobiles. It is common in UK, to see the British PM’s son given a ticket/fined for traffic violation and Tony Blair once visited the Police station and personally apologized for the son’s drunken driving. In our country, forget PM, Ministers, even the local Councillor will have the police cop come and fall @ his feet!!
    For a parent, a women- rest assurance comes from prevention and not the punishment after the act is committed. Our GDP may be growing, but as a society have we grown up???

    Let me end on a brighter note:
    As the New Year dawns, it brings in a …
    New aspiration ….
    New hope….
    New resolution….
    New beginning….

    Here is wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year that will light up your life with lot of Happiness and Prosperity.

    Have a great year ahead !!!

    Cheers and regards,
    R.K. Chandrashekar

  8. Thanks for sharing. Wish you a very happy new year. 🙂

  9. Dear Vishal and fellow tribesman

    I should Thank Mr Visal for the simple and easy way of explaining things. I visited the site accidently, from that time i have been reading his post. After reading this things , I felt very bad, that i have wasted my life so many years. Really it is eye opener to me. Presently i am also without any job.( I have worked in Gulf countries they money has been emptied by my family from the bank , in the name of fancy unwanted things in the house and unwanted habits of eating).

    Now i have started to invested in mutual funds that to from sep 2011. I want to invest in equity. any friends can show and guide me .

    Nissar Ahmed.V

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