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Safal Niveshak (Hindi phrase for ‘successful investor’) is a movement to help you, the small investor, become intelligent, independent, and successful in your stock market investing decisions. It’s about a new way of thinking about investing that can unleash the smart investor within you, and lead you to prosperity and financial peace of mind.

Who Writes Safal Niveshak?

Safal Niveshak was founded by Vishal Khandelwal. Through this platform, Vishal focuses on simplifying the art of investing and the causes of human misjudgment when it comes to investing. He also shares his experiences as an investor and lessons from some of the greatest investors of all time. You can connect with Vishal on Twitter.Vishal is ably supported by Anshul Khare, who is an avid learner in various disciplines like psychology, philosophy, and spirituality with special interests in human behaviour and value investing. You can connect with Anshul on Twitter.

What Readers Say about Safal Niveshak…

“I am sure that any investor (including experienced ones) in Indian markets would benefit from Vishal’s work. I certainly have.” ~ Prof. Sanjay Bakshi

If you want to become a serious, long-term investor, Safal Niveshak is truly a gold mine for you, filled with great perspectives and wisdom.” ~ Chetan Parikh

“It means ‘Empowerment’. A powerful force that was lying dormant has been unleashed.” ~ R K Chandrashekar

…awakening the investor inside me.” ~ Parashuram Hallur

Anyone can master the techniques of stock investment and profit from them by following Vishal’s posts regularly.” ~ Manish Sharma

“…a guiding spirit.” ~ Sri Ganesh

“Safal Niveshak’s simplicity has stunned me.” ~ Jayant Nikam

“…plain speak, no-nonsense view about investing.” ~ Indranil Maitra

“Vishal’s passion to teach Value Investing is contagious and his informal yet definitive style of teaching is par excellence.” ~ Gautamjit Singh

“…selfless service to the small investor.” ~ Samson Francis

“For the common man who wants to take complete control of his financial life.” ~ Mahesh Santhanagopalan

“Reminding to un-complicate…to simplify…to ask ‘why’…in everything I do.” ~ Rahul Koul

“I have gone through 100s of sites and 1000s of blogs and finally i have found my home. Thank you for this experience!” ~ Harshad Parulekar

“It’s like a teacher. When I just started to learn my lessons, it literally sat with me, taught me the ABCD of investing.” ~ Shankar Patil


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Our Promise to You

Many investment experts and financial websites make outrageous promises of untold riches to their readers and clients. We won’t promise you anything like that. But here is what we believe we can realistically promise you.Just spend 60 minutes per week with us on Safal Niveshak, and I promise you that one year from now:

  1. You will become much more sensible on how to manage your own money.
  2. You will get on the path to creating tremendous wealth for yourself (and by yourself) in the long run.
  3. You will know how to go about identifying the right kind of stocks from the minefield called stock markets.
  4. You will have developed your own logical set of personal investing strategies.
  5. You will have learned investing disciplines that help you through all types of markets.

All this sounds a lot, right?But, to be very frank, we have no magic tricks to help you become rich from stock markets. What we have are just some simple ideas that can make you a better investor in the long run.You see, it is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results in investing. What you need are simple investing ideas, and the discipline and patience to follow them.This is what Safal Niveshak will guide and lead you to.We invite you to join us in this endeavour.


If you have questions, comments, or criticisms, you can email us at vishal@safalniveshak.com or anshul@safalniveshak.com. Given the frequency of emails, we won’t promise a reply, but rest assured that we will read your email.

Who doesn’t belong here?

Safal Niveshak is meant for those who are interested in value investing which in effect is the ‘slow’ (but sensible) way of getting rich through stock markets. So, if you are interested in ‘hot tips’ or advice on ‘getting rich quick’, we would suggest you to not waste your precious time here. We hate to sound unfriendly here.There is absolutely nothing on this website for people interested in the fast route to make money from the stock markets. There never will be!But if you ever give up the futile search for the next quick money-making stock tips, come back here. We’ll leave the lights on for you.

Our Disclosure

Before you continue, here’s something we have to disclose.

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