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Archives for July 2012

Value Investing, the Sanjay Bakshi Way – Part 1

I recently had the privilege of meeting one of the highly regarded professors in the field of value investing and behavioral finance, Prof. Sanjay Bakshi in New Delhi.

Prof. Bakshi teaches MBA students (at MDI Gurgaon) two popular courses: “Behavioral Finance & Business Valuation” and “Financial Shenanigans & Governance”.

He is also the CEO of Tactica Capital Management, a boutique firm engaged in deep value investing.

It was like a dream come true for me, having met a guru who has been a great teacher in my investing pursuits over the past few years. So it was obvious for me to wait for Prof. Bakshi’s arrival with butterflies in my stomach.

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My Life Purpose (and Money Isn’t Part of It!)

Image Source: LabSaints

In the daily grind of your life, amidst the rat race that you might be running day in and day out to earn more and more money, what if I tell you that money – financial wealth you are trying to accumulate – might not be your life’s purpose…your reason for being?

“What s***t are you talking about, Vishal?” a friend asked me when I made the above statement to him a few days back?

“Life is all about living happily, and you need a lot of money to do that!” he remarked with an expression as if I’d told him something blasphemous.

“Of course, you need money to live a happy life.” I clarified. “Whatever any spiritual guru says, I believe that money is a necessary evil…and thus important.

“But then money is not what I’m living for!” I added.

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Investor, Are You a Warrior or Worrier?

Here is a nice little story I read recently.

One day, a timid young swordsman sought the counsel of an older, battled-hardened warrior.

“Sir, the men say that, of all the King’s warriors, you are the most courageous.”

The old warrior, who was busy sharpening his sword and who spoke only when necessary, didn’t lift his head or utter a single word. He was not impressed by flattery, so he continued to sharpen his blade; the blade that had seen him through many battles.

Listening and sharpening. Listening and sharpening.

Before long, the young warrior felt uneasy…and fearful.

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Winners of the Safal Niveshak 1st Anniversary Contest

A few announcements to make before I get to the Contest winners…

  1. Safal Niveshak is now 1,000+ tribesmen strong. 🙂 Thank you so much for your support!
  2. I’ve opened registrations for the Art of Investing Workshop in Pune on 18th August, Saturday. If you are in Pune, and have six hours to spend with me on that Saturday, you can click here to register for the Workshop.
  3. The Mumbai Workshop on 21st was awesome in terms of interaction and deep discussions on value investing (one tribesman, Kiran, actually travelled 36 hours to attend the Workshop!). Delhi, we’ll meet this Saturday.

Now for the winners of the Safal Niveshak 1st Anniversary Contest.

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8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting as an Investor

I have been a stock market investor for the past nine years now, and have seen a respectable performance overall.

Why respectable? Because my investments have helped me at several key phases of my life, most important being the purchase of a house property and then repayment of the entire loan on the same within 5 years (though with some support from the family).

Then, apart from a solid support from my wife, I must thank my investments to have given me the necessary “guts” to quit my job and begin on this journey of independence, where all I work for is my passion – to help individual investors like you become independent and sensible in managing your own money.

So even after doing a respectable job as an investor, what could be the things that I still rue I’d learned before starting out nine years back?

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Warren Buffett’s ‘Secret Holy Grail’ to Successful Investing

We discussed the importance of reading annual reports in the past two posts.

We also briefly discussed the importance of reading financial statements that convey the language of business.

Now here is a small quiz for you – What is that one thing you look for in a company’s financial statements?

Is it to know how much a company is leveraged? Is it to know how profitable the company is? Or is it something else?

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How to “Read” an Annual Report in 5 Minutes

“How can this be possible?” you must be wondering.

Indeed there’s a way – and you can get a lot of hints from this on whether to junk the annual report, or to explore it deeper.

Well, let me have this video do the talking.

In this video, I also talk about 8 warning signs you must watch out for while glancing through an annual report.
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Simplest Trick to Outsmart 99% of All Investors

If you have been an investor for long, you must have heard about Jim Rogers.

Rogers is a leading global investor and commodities guru, and has an amazing track record over the past few decades.

When someone once asked Rogers what was the best advice he ever got, he said it was the one he received from an old man in an airplane.

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