Safal Niveshak Book Review Contest 2016

It’s said whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. I don’t know about you but for me there have certainly been instances when a book changed the course of my life completely, for the good.

But there are hundreds and thousands of book out there. And if you don’t read the best books first, you may not have a chance to read them at all. So it’s vitally important that you pick up the best books first.

Now how do you find the best books? Here’s a clue – To get something, you have to learn to give first.

Drawing the analogy, to receive the best recommendation about books, you need to first offer a good recommendation about your favourite book. Isn’t it?

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3 Iron Rules of Life and Investing

You seem to be stressed out today?” asked my Yoga teacher, an elderly gentleman in his seventies.

“Oh, not really!” I said.

“No, you look a bit stressed. Are you unwell?”

“Not at all. Just feeling a bit confused.”

“May I help?”

“Knowing you, I think you can.”


“You see, I have been a stock market investor for many years now, and now also don the role of a teacher trying to help people make saner and better investment decisions. But I am often faced with a dissonance.”

“And what’s that?”

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Latticework of Mental Models: Lindy Effect


“Many happy returns of the day Anshul!” One of my old friend wished me on WhatsApp. Dropping a message on WhatsApp is more convenient these days than calling up. It was still better than the standard birthday wishes you get on Facebook, which you know have come as a result of constant pestering from Facebook […]

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When In Doubt, Please Don’t Predict


A leading Indian brokerage – let’s not take names here – is in the limelight these days for being consistent in revising its Sensex targets at the drop of a hat. In fact, it has been consistent in such revisions for almost the past two years. But the real beauty of all this lies in […]

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Latticework of Mental Models: Cognitive Dissonance


I am sure many of you have heard the famous Aesop’s fable about the fox and the grapes. If not, here’s a quick recap of the story. A fox sees some high-hanging grapes and wishes to eat them. When it is unable to think of a way to reach them, it decides that the grapes are […]

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When Long-Term Thinking is a Terrible Idea

During my evening walk yesterday, I was with a 75-year old gentleman who seemed fitter than I am, walked faster than me, had a wider smile than I can ever manage, and talked much more than I do in a few days. During the ninety minutes we walked together, we talked about our lives, careers, […]

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Latticework of Mental Models: Economies of Scale

An assembly line of Ford Motor Company (1913)

“Do we have flexible working hours here?” That was the first question I asked when I joined my first job in IT industry. “Yes. As long as you get your 40 hours in at the end of every week.” Informed my new boss. That was a great deal considering the previous 9-hours-6-day job I had […]

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A Powerful Tool to Create Your Stock Watchlist


Whether you’re training for a marathon or going on an adventure trip, being ready can make a world of difference. The same is true for the stock market. It’s important to be prepared with a watchlist of fundamentally sound stocks ready to go at right prices. Whether the market is in rally mode or in […]

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