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The Bottom Line

Welcome to The Bottom Line!

The Bottom Line is free daily (Monday-Friday) newsletter from Safal Niveshak.

The ideas contained in this newsletter are what an Indian individual investor is looking at, and thinking about. It is written by me (Vishal) for you, or anyone interested in investing, markets, and the economy.

The Bottom Line is laden with facts, statistics, and informed, data-driven opinions. We avoid the slimy “I think/hope/want” type of fact free analysis so prevalent in business media and on Dalal Street.

I have been writing about these topics for eight years at my previous occupation. The Bottom Line keys in on what you should be thinking about when it comes to global and Indian stock markets and the economy — and what you should not be doing with your money.

The writing is designed to be very accessible. You do not require a college degree or a PHD to understand The Bottom Line.

If I can make this stuff understandable to my wife and my mom, then I can help you learn the basics of markets, investing and the economy.

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