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What Legends are Saying about Safal Niveshak…

I met Vishal about an year ago and was amazed to see the level of passion and dedication he has in teaching conservative investing to his blog readers and to the participants in his various workshops. Since then, I have heard only good things about him. I like his approach to markets, his extreme conservatism, and his ability to communicate his ideas to his audience quite well.

Since our meeting, we have collaborated on some projects and I hope there will be many more in the future.

I am sure that any investor (including experienced ones) in Indian markets would benefit from Vishal’s work. I certainly have.

I wish him all the best!

~ Prof. Sanjay Bakshi

I am impressed by the good work Vishal is doing at Safal Niveshak, of educating the small investor in sensible, independent investing. I am truly impressed with the thought-provoking ideas he shares.

Vishal is truly passionate and it shows in the work he is doing at Safal Niveshak.

If you want to become a serious, long-term investor, Safal Niveshak is truly a gold mine for you, filled with great perspectives and wisdom.

~ Mr. Chetan Parikh

What Readers are Saying about Safal Niveshak…

Testimonials for Safal Niveshak’s Art of Investing Workshop

New Delhi (March 2015)

As most successful investors would put it, first step in investing is to learn how not to loose money. Making money comes later. Vishal’s Mastermind course and his Workshop has helped me understand and apply such time tested investing principles better. I think anyone with interest in equity investing would benefit tremendously from his thoughts and insights.

~ Amit M

New Delhi (April 2013)

I really liked the workshop. And it is your sharp knowledge of stock markets which made teaching the principles of investing very enjoyable journey. I have been reading and investing in stocks my self for the last two years but I was unable to find some good businesses. In your workshop, I learnt about bottom-up stock picking. The process which you told is very useful.

I used to believe that the combination of Emergency Fund+Term Insurance+Medical Insurance+Equity Mutual Fund is enough for the complete life. And, I have all these things. But, after your workshop, I realized the importance of Value Investing. If I am able to find few good businesses at right prices, I can imagine what would be retirement pleasures.

I used to read few business papers and used to think that I would be able to find good ideas from here. But, I realized after the workshop, that was all crap I was reading earlier. It is very important to read the annual report of companies to generate a conviction that I am investing in good businesses.

There are so many things which I learnt and now is the time to implement all those things.

Thank you so much and we all invite you again to Delhi.

~ Kunal Jain

Attending the art of investing workshop was a very rewarding experience for me. The way in which Vishal tried to elucidate the need for a patient and very inquisitive attitude for becoming a successful value investor over the long term was the most important aspect. The importance of thorough research and not falling prey to sundry investment advice in the market came out very clearly at the end of the workshop. I would like to urge Vishal to increase the frequency of these workshops as much as possible!

~ Vinay Arya

I salute Vishal’s passion for investing and courage to drop his Job and doing what he likes.Art Of Investing workshop was like a refresher course to me. I feel it is a great initiative and must attend for somebody who is new to investing to build a base. I feel Safal Niveshak is a good platform for every investor , where a person who has so much experience in investment field is sharing his knowledge for free with others.Congrats Vishal, Keep it up!

~ Harish Nagpal

Congratulations again for a wonderful session and thank you very much for sharing your time with us. I had come to the session to meet the person for whom i had developed a lot of respect in due course of time. And meeting you in person has been an extraordinary experience. I got to clear many of my misconceptions with regard to investing.

Your workshop allowed me to develop a new perspective towards value investing. Some key ideas that i learnt about are: We should start investing ASAP, Importance of thorough background search, Concept of margin of safety, How to pick stocks, How much to invest, How to invest, How to develop a circle of competence etc.

Among the most valuable things that i learnt were “How to generate stock ideas” and “Doing ones own research” for investing. I am touched by your humbleness, patience & pleasing personality. I eagerly look forward to attend your next workshop.

~ Gunjan Kumar

Chennai (March 2013)

The workshop was very good. It was useful for me who is not an active investor, had made and lost money, read many books on Value investing. But still the session provided a neat structure to kickstart investing. I would call this the ‘practical supplement’ to the theory I knew before. I was looking for investing session and I would say this is the only one of the kind. The session was also very engaging and entertaining. Thanks so much.

I also wanted to compliment you on your courage to take this as full time activity. I am not sure how much you feel good, but you are impacting many lives and you should be proud of that. Also appreciate your world view of things be it to simplify life or be it on ethics, I find it very helpful to remind me what matters more to us.

My best wishes to you to continue in your journey. I am sure the tribe will expand multifold and your words will be listened to throughout the country and abroad.

~ Kannan J

‘Art of Investing’ workshop is must for any investor who is or wants to invest in stock market. New investors will learn a lot and existing investors will either have a course correction or positive reinforcement on what they are already doing.

Vishal’s USP is his simplicity both as a person and his way of sharing the knowledge. If you want quick money or super fast lane to riches; you better avoid him. He is no good for you.

~ D. Muthukrishnan

I had the opportunity to attend Vishal’s “Art of Investing Workshop” at Chennai. Vishal brings in his rich experience and makes the entire concept of Value investing look to simple and easy to understand. I would strongly recommend this workshop to those who are keen to practice Value investing.

~ A. P. Vasudevan CFP

Bangalore (March 2013)

I signed up for the workshop because I wanted to INVEST IN ME!

I have been following your thoughts through your blogs & Newsletters & was waiting for your workshop in Bangalore. 3 things about your workshop that stand out:

  • The simplicity of the presentation
  • The ‘de-mythyfying’ process associated with the intriguing concept of stock market investment
  • The rational approach

I feel more confident & equipped today as a small investor to take stock market investment decisions. I specially liked the fact that you not only addressed the technical subject but also the behavioural aspect of investing! I hope more people benefit by your wisdom & through your workshops! A great teacher, & a greater human being…thanks, Vishal!

The workshop itself was a great investment for me. 🙂

~ Lalitha Ravi

Vishal is very good at explaining concepts in a very simple way so that a layman can easily understand them. The major learning for me from the workshop is that investing is an art rather than a science, as the name of the workshop indicates. Investing looks simple after listening to him, contrary how it is portrayed by media with all the jargon and predictions.

The beauty of the workshop is that it is well structured and provides detailed steps on how to go about investing, stressing on both behavioral and financial aspects. His passion for teaching and empowering others to lead a better life financially is evident through out the workshop. I wish him all the best in his selfless journey.

~ Shamil A. Kader

I came across Safal Niveshak site accidently on the web – about 2 months back. What impressed me in just couple of hours of browsing through the site’s pages were the candid posts from Vishal and his openness to discussions among tribesmen. At the same time, I saw that even with tribesmen of varying investment experience and knowledge here was a community which was less focused/obsessed on “which stock” or “when i will get my target price” or “will you tell me what to buy” and more focused on rational discussions – analysis which can be understood clearly by visitors with basic investment and stock market terminology knowledge.

Every article that Vishal publishes is candid and clearly communicated. Over the next few weeks, I visited the various sub-sections of the site related to particular stock analysis, general articles, youtube video and finally the value investing series. Each of them built on previous or nearby articles and discussions and helped me to move in a structured way to put my baby steps on learning about value investing.

So, why am I not talking about the workshop still? Because, I cannot see Vishal’s workshop effort in isolation! I need to see that effort as one part of the truly wonderful effort that Safal Niveshak in general is! Think of the workshop as one among many tools that your favourite teacher uses to teach you concepts! I am a believer that a good teacher should not be the one who spoon-feeds everything in a classroom. His efforts will involve a holistic approach of multiple tools/methods/forums and will also push the learners to get involved voluntarily and build and learn things on their own effort too!

Thus, I see the workshop as an enriching get-together experience of a learning process rather than a capsule session. You will enjoy it maximum if you put in your efforts to assimilate as much as you can from Safal Niveshak site. Just as Vishal keeps stressing that “we alone are responsible for our financial status”, we ourselves are the ones to decide what are the limits and possibilities of what we can do in this workshop and beyond. And to top all the efforts, Vishal takes in the experiences of other investors and puts them forth too – impartially.

While, I am of the opinion that the workshop is not for an absolute beginner who has started looking at stock market investing only in the few days prior to a workshop, I firmly believe that for anyone who is willing to put in a few days effort to assimilate knowledge from Safal Niveshak site, these workshops will be the Icing On The Cake. Kudos, Vishal!

~ Satheesh Babu

Kolkata (Feb. 2013)

The Art of Investing Workshop was indeed an eye-opener in the field of financial planning and value investing. For someone who is still learning the essentials of investment planning, the Safal Niveshak initiative was truly a revelation to what lies ignored by the average individual – a rational approach to sensibly managing our (hard-earned) wealth and thereby taking sound investment decisions.

The workshop was like an investment capsule – in a nutshell Vishal was able to discard the myths pertaining to value investing in most of our minds. The simple, lucid yet refreshing presentation was what kept all participants total glued and involved in the discussions. The key facets of Asset Allocation, Equity Investing, Key Driver(s) of Stock Market, Risks involved, and Value Investing Dynamics were impeccably explained to make one and all relate with it. Along the course, the constant interaction kept all of us participants very much involved in the workshop.

All in all, it was a great experience to meet people of various age groups and diverse academic backgrounds come together under one platform to understand and relate with a simple and holistic approach to money, life and ofcourse, investing. 🙂

Thanks Vishal for the unflinching effort to address the average value seeker in financial markets.

~ Atul Sethia

Thanks so much for bringing the workshop to Kolkata. It was a wonderful learning experience, simple yet powerful insight on how to approach our investment decision esp when it comes to investment in stock market. I realized that one need not have to be genius to make money in stock market.

Vishal Sir is amazing when it comes to putting his ideas and knowledge across to us. My respect for him has increased all the more after this workshop. Hope he keeps up to his good work.

Looking forward to see a lot more of these workshops in days to come.

~ Rahul Damani, CFP

Ever since I started reading Vishal’s post wanted to meet him. The workshop provided a perfect setting to spend some time together. Its effectiveness will depend on my putting the concepts in practice as each investor is his own friend & foe.

There is no doubt that Vishal is an intelligent, simple & sincere guy & puts his message loud & clear. If I have to describe his workshop briefly all I can say is ‘jagaran sans jargon’. A wake up call.

“Ya esha supteshu jagrati” (one who awakens when these all are asleep), the slogan of my profession.

~ Shiv Kedia

First of all, Thanks for Organizing such magnificent interactive & valuable workshop.

Workshop has given us lot of insight on investment & going to help in purely not to do things apart investing responsibly & smartly to enjoy the sweet fruits in long run in time of real need. Financial Planning part was also superb covering Systematic & structured way of Balanced investment to meet our future goals with peace of mind.

~ Janmejai Singh

Thanks a lot for the wonderful workshop!

As mentioned by Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers there is beauty in saying something clearly and simply – The real beauty of this workshop was the clarity and simplicity with which you make us understand the complexity of the financial market. Its really hard to keep the complex things simple. Thanks once again and wish you all success.

Looking forward to meet you soon. Thanks & regards.

~ Vinay Agarwal

New Delhi (July 2012)

It was my pleasure to attend Vishal’s Art of Investing Workshop recently. His passion to teach Value Investing is contagious and his informal yet definitive style of teaching is par excellence…He has a great grasp of the subject and yet, makes it easy for others to understand. I am already looking forward to the next course and learn from the “Master”… Thanks for this wonderful initiative.

~ Gautamjit Singh

The Art of Investing workshop is a must-attend for every person who is into investing or consdiering to put his money into the stock market. Vishal has put together a superb material based on various concepts of asset allocation, fundamental analysis and most importantly human behaviour.

The workshop is an eye-opener even for someone who has been actively involved in market as the compelling presentation stresses upon having a wholesome investing philosphy that is so crucial for an investor. At the end of the day anyone who has attended the workshop takes back home a full fledged knowledge of important concepts like asset allocation, calculation of intrinsic value, important ratios to focus upon while doing fundamental analysis, usage of excel sheet, and above all how to put together a checklist to do smart and intelligent investing.

I am glad that I have attended a workshop because not only there was great discussion about value investing, but I also met some interesting guys and made some good friends. I am looking forward to the next workshop, already!

~ Manish Sharma

I attended Safal Niveshak’s program titled Art of Investing on 28th July 2012. I am into value investing for the last five years and was quite impressed to hear Vishal giving a comprehensive overview of the value investing process in just one workshop.

The workshop is relevant for all who want to be serious value investors and one must definitely try to attend it. Very few people take out the time and energy and go out of their way to share the knowledge they have gathered over the years, Vishal is one of them. Kudos to his initiative Safal Niveshak!

~ Ashish Kila, Value Investor & CIO-Perfect Research

The Art of Investing Workshop, which I attended on 28th July at New Delhi, literally takes us into the intricate but interesting world of Stock Market Investing. Not only was I able to brush up again on some age old wisdom, but some thoroughly fascinating ideas were imbibed which gave food for thought to munch on later.

I have always admired Vishal’s ability to explain complex things in simple ways even on his blog and this workshop was no exception. He explained all the things beautifully and patiently, even taking some offbeat questions in his stride – be it irrational behaviour, asset allocation, behavioural science and the distillate of wisdom of gurus like Munger, Buffet, Fisher, Klermann etc. Along the way, many popular myths were busted like you need to be a genius to be successful in stock market or that you have to impeccably time the market. He demonstrated how the key to success is simple, uncomplicated approach and discipline.

The participants were also great and it was amazing how twenty year olds interacted so well with fifty year olds, with some phenomenal ideas being shared. The atmosphere was not like a typical classroom but more like a group discussion and I can’t think of even a single participant who didnot participate in it. All the concepts of Value investing, Asset allocation, fundamental analysis, Ratios to look for, pre-screening process, common pitfalls to avoid and most important how to develop a holistic approach to Investing have been beautifully explained in a superb presentation. Down to the nitty gritty, the basic Balance Sheet Analysis was done hands on with some actual balance sheets which vastly improved my perception of the whole thing and removed some cobwebs from my mind. I am sure this will immensely help all the participants in their investing process.

I am already looking forward to the next workshop and have requested Vishal to put me on auto-register. Initially, the idea of travelling 350 kms to attend the workshop seemed daunting but I am really glad that I was able to make it. I met a lot of interesting people there and made some good friends. It is constant interaction with such likeminded individuals, who are on same wavelength as you, which develops you so much intellectually. I thank Vishal for scheduling this workshop and wish him the very best in this wonderful initiative in years to come.

~ Er. Sanjeev Bhatia, CFPCM

At the outset let me first congratulate you for having a great workshop at YMCA Delhi,and giving me an opportunity to benefit from it. Although I have been an investor for over two decades but never had an opportunity to attend any workshop like this before.

The workshop was not only educative, informative and interactive but you also provided a great insight into various aspects of value investing.The information provided by you will prepare us in having strong foundation in value investing and make us SAFAL NIVESHAK.

Let me again thank you for providing Delhi its first Safal Niveshak workshop. You are doing a great job! Please keep it up.

~ Keval Singh

Mumbai (July 2012)

I have been in the markets for a long time, seen a lot of experts, analysts and brokers, so I must confess that my opinion of these people is one of ambivalence. I don’t go to their conferences and workshops, nor do I listen to their advice without a pinch of salt.

When I first visited the Safal Niveshak website, I was surprised by your refreshing attitude that seemed so apparent in your informative articles. Your sense of selfless service to the small investor was visible in your generosity in providing free service and knowledge. Your stock analysis too seemed so devoid of subjective biases quite unlike those who recommend a scrip after suitably positioning themselves for a killing.

So, when your workshop was announced, where you kept your fee amount at the discretion of the participant, I was convinced this was one event I would attend.

The workshops highlight was that it made me contemplate on myself, as the greatest risk. My risks were inherent in my expectations, my ego (that could prevent me from acknowledging mistakes and thus exacerbate my losses), my greed, my lack of patience, and my reliance on other people’s views at the cost of my gut feeling. Such realization is not easy to trigger off during workshops, but your workshop did it. Thanks.

There were also many other little nuggets of value like: computing the Intrinsic Value of a scrip, buying scrips in industries within our circle of influence, knowing a company by just looking at the balance sheet, and the auditor’s report, value investing in general, admitting one’s mistakes, and being objective.

All in all it was a good workshop where the food and snacks (served with mineral water) were wholesome. The venue location too was convenient. Keep on doing these wonderful things that you do for us small investors and keep earning punya. God bless you.

~ Samson A Francis

I first came across Safal Niveshak some months back when I was searching on the Internet for Value Investing articles, material etc. That same day I read the entire website, yes all the articles, stock talks, resources section, I subscribed to the 20 lesson value investing course too.

I’m a commerce graduate and have basic financial understanding of concepts and a very deep rooted curiousity and ambition to succeed in the financial markets, so for me safalniveshak was no less than a gold mine.

I have to admit my favourite section is StockTalk, not because I can get a good stock idea, but because Vishal beautifully elaborates his thought process while Analyzing a company, it gives investors the necessary thought process and temperament required to analyse a company, which is priceless.

I attended the workshop held in Mumbai and I truly enjoyed the whole experience. Vishal told us beforehand the workshop isn’t about making you a star investor, instead for me it provided me with a foundation and encouraged me to think independently. It was a very refreshing take on lot of things in the capital markets and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.

I’m in the phase where I’m learning about Investing and in this journey Safal Niveshak has really benefited me and in a way helped me avoid numerous pitfalls and mistakes which I would otherwise make.

P.S To really gain the maximum out of this website please read every article and watch every video, it can add tremendous value to your thought process as an investor.

~ Dhruv Udani

Bangalore (April 2012)

Let me start by saying I wish this Workshop happened few years back that would have saved me from a lot of investing blunders I was committing. Everybody talks about Mutual Funds, PPF, Bonds etc. including the Financial Planners but when it comes to Stocks, there is free advice that is as dangerous as fee-based advice.

This workshop was all about investing sensibly. If you are looking for tips on which stock to buy, you will be disappointed. But if you are serious about making your money work for you through stocks and related instruments, this workshop will empower you towards achieving your goal in a sensible way through value investing, the time tested method.

It was a great experience to meet Vishal and a lot of like-minded people aged between 24 to 65, share their views, learning, mistakes and ideas about money, life and investing. But the most important learning of all was getting our fundamentals about investing clear.

Everyone should participate in Safal Niveshak workshop for one very simple reason – Vishal’s Integrity and Clarity. He will make every effort to make you understand about investing and he will not give you so-called tips even if you pay him. It’s difficult to find people who follow what they preach. Keep an open mind and attend the workshop, you will be on your way to a better financial life.

Also, I would like to appreciate the Safal Niveshak initiative as a whole, including your blog. There is an amazing collection of articles that has helped me convert to investing. After the losses of 2008 – a painful lesson, your blog made me put things into perspective, I am glad I landed at the right place. My sincere appreciation for your efforts in educating India about Value Investing.

~ Mansoor

Safal Niveshak’s initiative is all about empowering investors and would be investors. It was an idea whose time had come. I wonder why no one thought of it before.

Personally, what I liked of the workshop – It was simple, devoid of jargon, and came from the heart. Topics of particular interest to me were – Stock picking ideas, when to sell a stock, and asset allocation. I liked the coinage – “Are you a stock or a bond?” My only regret – I would have liked to see more people at the workshop, though at times a small group means more meaningful interaction.

On a lighter note – I wish this workshop was conducted 20-25 years ago, I would have been a multi billionaire by now!

~ R.K. Chandrashekar, a contented long term investor since 1978. One who has made many mistakes, has been lucky and unlucky at times, identified multi-baggers, let go some of them too early, held on to a few, over-diversified but at the end of the day contented with what I have.

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Hi Vishal, it is very heartening to see a young dynamic and enterprising lad (you) making sincere efforts to grow a crop of bold investors. I must accept that we all (small investors) have a ‘chicken little’ within us. In that sense, we worry about our hard earned money blown away in the stock market. And we also know that we can put the blame on the people who advise us!!

Although I have been taking calculated steps to grow my wealth, I find real-estate a firm step to set the ground for my children. That’s in the long run of 10 to 15years. Your workshop has opened up avenues of alternate investing, though I have never ventured this direction. Surely, it’s been a beneficial time for me to spend in terms of information. I wish you good luck in this effort of giving birth to a new breed of independent and bold stock investors. I find sincerity in your words and I’m sure that your audience are benefitting from your inputs.

And last but not the least, as Gandhiji said, “be the change you want to see in the world’. You are a man who ‘walks your talk’. I’m touched with these gestures. Good luck!

~ Anil Valecha

Dear Vishal, it was a pleasure meeting you at Bangalore and I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent presentation while conducting the “Art of Investing Workshop.”

As a small investor I have benefited immensely by attending this workshop by way of establishing in me a wealthy mindset, the confidence, and the art in using Investment Strategies.

I also take this opportunity to convey to you my heartfelt appreciation for the initiative you have taken in launching your website ‘Safal Niveshak’ for the benefit of small/ minor investors.

~ Dipak Chakraborty

Art of Investing Workshop was a really good experience for me. It was great to meet you and other readers of Safal Niveshak in person. I would highly recommend other investors to attend such workshops because they can discover a lot about their own financial life. They can learn a lot from Vishal’s wisdom and the views from other readers of Safal Niveshak.

I think the initiative by Vishal to educate investors through workshops like these is a really great idea. I am looking to forward to more such workshops in future. Thanks a lot for taking up this initiative!

~ Vijayshankar S

I am fortunate and proud that I have attended the first workshop conducted by you in Bangalore on 14/4/2012. The workshop is one of its first kind and is really useful. What is unique is I don’t find any workshop with a sole purpose to educate people on Investing in stocks. Yes it is truly required these days to look for a way to investments other than traditional ways like deposits and bonds. At the same time, it is quite embarrassing to go for investment in stocks as we see the current world with cyclical Sensex index graph.

So there comes your workshop to move with lateral thinking that encompasses the urge to eliminate innocence, ignorance and start being knowledgeable on what we are doing. The workshop covered almost all the elements to start investing in stocks. Thanks Vishal!

~ Suresh Perumalla

Initially I had read Vishal’s posts and was impressed by the content, clarity and thought behind the ideas. When I went for the first ever Investor Workshop of “Safal Niveshak”, I was quite happy and satisfied. For me, it was a like a real eye opener, right from how it’s very important to have a Financial Plan and have an objective for investing, to Goals, having Patience and confidence on your stocks, when is the right time to invest , valuations, how and why small investors should invest, how to not let your judgment be clouded by others, teaching investment as an ART to our children, and how to avoid the pitfalls of investing.

It was like a beginner tutorial for “Art of Investing”. There were many takeaways, but two significant ones for me were – first, never invest in an idea/company you can’t draw it with a crayon, and second, do read annual reports. 99% people don’t read annual reports and thus 99% people don’t make money in the stock market.

I would wish Vishal all the best for his future work. May he keep doing these Workshops more often and help small investors to visualize their goals.

~ Ashutosh Kaul

Hi Vishal, first of all congratulations on conducting your first “Art of Investing” Workshop. Meeting you in person was great. I am glad that I was among few out of million people in Bangalore to gain from it. This would certainly give me some added advantages than others. The Workshop covered all the aspects of investing, specially the Stock Market and related investment. I gained more insight and a great refresher of all the items that I had read on your blog (as you know I read every post of your blog with high concentration). The workshop helped me clarify all my questions and doubts that too in person, which is always great. I was able to talk to you in detail about the topic of interest and doubts related to investing which was a great + point of meeting you in person.

I personally think that everyone who thinks of saving and investing must attend this workshop with an open mind, and I would personally recommend all my friends collogues and relatives to do the same, cause that way I would be helping them make better decision for their future and investing.

One should attend future workshop of “art of investing” and read your blog if….

1. You work hard for your money and want your money to work hard for you.
2. You want to be a person who wants to be control of his finances and investing
3. You want to learn how to be your own financial advisor.
4. You want to learn all the terms that you hear on BUTV or CNBCTV18 and think what they are.
5. You want to be able to make good decision about investment and stocks.
6. You want to make sure that those relatives and so called financial advisor didn’t fool you and don’t fool you in future if they have.
7. You want to learn what kind of investor you are?
8. You want to learn about risk and how to handle them.
9. You want to learn about how to evaluate a stock.
10.I can go on and on however I will sum it up by saying, above all if you want to learn, secure your future and be a Safal and happy Niveshak.

I wanted to thank you for your initiative that you have taken to teach all of us all about investing, Safal Niveshak is a very good initiative and not to forget that you are providing us all this awesome post day after day week after week at no extra cost and without any advertisement, Frankly I would not mind if you put some ads on your blog I would be more than happy to read your blog even with adds.

A big thank you for investing your time and energy to make sure that we understand what is investing all about and how it should be done.

~ Vikrant Upadhyay

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Chennai (April 2012)

I am Ravi Padmanabhan, from Chennai. I attended Safal Niveshak’s program titled Art of Investing on 15th April 2012. I am into value investing for the last ten years and it is very rare to see people who focus on long term investing these days. What I particularly liked was that the Investment concepts were made simple and the workbook given was very useful. The way Mr. Vishal presented these concepts were really good, especially his practical insights from his career as an Equity Analyst. I would personally recommend this workshop for anyone who would like to create wealth in the Stock Markets over long term.

~ Ravi Padmanbahan, Value Investor & Founder – Chennai Investors Club & Guest Speaker on Investing with NDTV Hindu

Congratulations to you for taking up this new initiative. The workshop gave a lot of insights in the art of investing. It helps in making good financial decisions. This is for the common man who wants to take complete control of his financial life. The workshop also highlighted the importance of long-term investing in Stock Markets. Nice to be a Safal Niveshak tribesman!

~ Mahesh Santhanagopalan, CFP

Other Testimonials

I came across Safal Niveshak while searching through google on value investing. Just few minutes on the site and I was hooked. It is really a treasure trove of information for those who want to utilize the power of equity for wealth creation, for those who are interested in value investing principles, for those who wish to invest on the basis of solid research and not on current fads, rumours or tips from brokers/channels/so-called experts.

The site, run by Vishal Khandelwal, who has immense experience in equity markets gives tremendous insights in various fields of personal finance like financial planning, behavioural finance, traps and pitfalls in investing as also the guiding principles on how to invest in shares.

I have gone through a lot of material present on net and personal collection but still I learnt quite a lot on this site in few days what I had not been able to gather in few years. The 20 lesson guide to value investing alone is worth a lot wherein Vishal has taken great pains to arrive at Intrinsic Value of a share based on its fundamentals. This step-by-step guide teaches the most profound Value Investing principle, buying a share at discount to its intrinsic value, in most lucid and layman language. All the accounting terms have been beautifully explained.

I strongly recommend everybody interested in equity market to go through this course. His endeavour can be tremendously helpful to those who wish to be independent and self reliant in their stock picking and analysing skills. Not only that, Vishal has been extremely patient, courteous and like a guiding light through my personal contact with him regarding various facets of analysing a stock. Not only on stock market, his posts cover all aspects of financial word like mutual funds, common myths, investment pitfalls and much more.

I would really like to recommend all the potential investors to visit the site regularly. This is a great attempt from a person who has taken great pains to disseminate information and knowledge so selflessly and without any monetary incentive whatsoever. We must appreciate that it takes great deal of time and energy, so short for all of us these days, to regularly post articles and data. I sincerely wish Vishal all the best in his endeavour and may our tribe (since I am also now an integral part of Safal Niveshak Tribe) grow by leaps and bounds.

~ Er. Sanjeev Bhatia, CFPCM

Safal Niveshak really lives up to its name. All you need is patience and someone like Vishal to make you understand that investing in not Rocket Science. I was really tired of suggestions from different sources about how to pick multibaggers and reap unbelievable profits. But after becoming the tribesman of Safal Niveshak, I realized that all recommendations are fake and they just rob people of their hard-earned money. But this is one website which offers free and good ideas on investing, not to mention the fact that bribing Vishal doesn’t help either. 🙂

Vishal stresses on the fact that investing should be a long-term goal which is rare these days. His stock valuation technique is simply awesome. It provides a clear and in-depth analysis from all possible directions. I have immensely benefited from his website. The thing that I am fascinated by the most is the fact that he is trying to educate people about how to go about investing. I would recommend Safal Niveshak to anyone and everyone. Vishal not only made me a “Safal Niveshak” but also made me a “SMART Niveshak”.

Thanks Vishal and keep up the good work. All the very best!

~ Nitin Shetty

With its focused approach towards financial planning in general and value investing in particular Safal Niveshak posts are really helping me in fine-tuning my investment philosophy. Vishal is a really good teacher, motivator and guide when it comes to explaining the jargon of stock market. Safal Niveshak approach is more towards practical utility rather than bookish knowledge. Any one can master the techniques of stock investment and profit from them by following Vishal’s posts regularly. For all those individuals who want to gain knowledge and invest in equity market but don’t know where to begin with I would highly recommend Safal Niveshak.

~ Manish Sharma

It’s been wonderful listening to Vishal who is quite honest, independent and unbiased in his opinions. I really look up to his simple, lucid and effective writings which are filled with wisdom from his personal experience esp. in matters of investing. Anyone interested in managing his own finances (including equity investing and Value investing) should be reading his blogs for a deep insight into such matters.

I wish him all the best in the fantastic work he is doing!

~ Vikash Kumar

I feel very happy to write this email to you that day after day you give very nice advice to those who have signed up with you, without anything in return in monetary terms, especially since I/we never expected such beautiful advices from a stock analyst/stranger and always try to find out the intent behind nice words.

However, after spending time reading your articles for about more than a month, I am quite happy to say that your advices are rational and not coloured. Do continue advising people about essential things people know but close their eyes to.

~ Kishore Senapati

Investing is roaming in the jungle without a route map….investing is like sailing in the high seas without compass. We need to know what we want to do, with what we have, where we want to reach with what we have, …..there like a guiding spirit throwing its path light shows you how to do… simple and easy way…what else you need.

~ Sriganesh

Safal Niveshak’s simplicity has stunned me.

~ Jayant Nikam

Safal Niveshak gives a plain speak, no-nonsense view about investing.

~ Indranil Maitra

1. Simple language and easy to understand
2. Practical approach on current affairs
3. Knowledge in subject matter
4. While describing the communication between two people, readers can realise the subject in an interesting manner.

Moreover, investing in equities is a complicated subject, but Vishal…you made it simple and easy to be learned in a new way. I have seen so many blogs, over a time, I felt the ego of the blog owners when he becomes popular, but never seen in Safal Niveshak and always I felt this is my blog.

~ Hari Kumar B

To love someone, we need to have better understandings and this is the area where Safal Niveshak excel among others. Very beautifully it is making small and new investors aware of market concepts. Encouraging investors to become self-educated and self-decisive, which is very rarely seen.

Mostly small investors lose money on some recommendations where they have no idea why it was recommended. Efforts of Safal Niveshak will surely create thousands of self-dependent investors who can take decisions by their understandings.

So i wish Safal Niveshak a great luck for its effort and may success come for him and all its followers.

~ Nilesh Singhal

Internet today is a sea of information. Sometimes I find that we have been loaded with an extra dose of information and hence lose ourselves in this ocean of knowledge. However, Safal Niveshak caught my eyes for the lucid and succinct, thought provoking ideas it is disseminating. The author himself is an experienced analyst who adds more value to his writings. The pearls of wisdom he shares in his articles are appealing to my heart.

Safal Niveshak has rightly said that today the business channels on TV, the brokers and analyst who come on the program are taking the lay investors for a ride. Therefore Safal Niveshak which is an endeavour to help the lay investor should find a rightful place among investors. This can be achieved if we as subscribers spread the good message to our relatives and friends and draw in good investors who are ready to run the long marathon rather than the 100 metres.

~ Tony Castelino

Safal Niveshak tells me to follow the basics honestly with the promise of success to follow.

~ Rajiv Bantwal

It enables me to think, i challenges my views, but above all Safal Niveshak i love reading it because it is so genuine, one can completely believe that the author is recommending without any financial interest….so rare !!

~ Sameer Hirani

Safal Niveshak talks directly to me and simplifies the investment world to me. It helps me keep my reins tight on greed and fear (to which it is so easy to fall prey to) so that i can take good care of my money.

~ Vipin Khandelwal

I love Safal Niveshak for the content you have been providing on investing strategies. Till I started reading Safal Niveshak newsletter my investing strategies were vague and I was not believing that a normal investor could evaluate a business before he can invest, your newsletter are awakening “investor inside me” – every day I learn something new and hence I look forward for the Safal Niveshak newsletter. I have been recommending your newsletter to many of my friends…Thanks for your efforts to help a normal human understand investing strategies…I’m loving the content you have been delivering…Keep up the Great work and Thanks ton to you. I’m planning to buy all of the books you have recommended and read them through one shot…

~ Parashuram Hallur

It is simple, down to earth, and has lessons both for the first time and the seasoned investor like me. Jai Ho Safal!

~ R K Chandrashekar

Safal Niveshak is an educational site for investors and makes them confident while taking any investment decision. In just a week’s time, I liked this site so much that every day morning I look forward for new teaching from Safal Niveshak.”

~ Pradeep Bahuguna

The Safal Niveshak Post is a grand post to be with everyday…not just informative and reassuring but very crisp and clear…words that stay with you and make you see the financial markets in perspective. Am definitely listening to Vishal, and waiting for more!

~ Nupur Jain

It takes guts to take the entire money making machinery HEAD ON – be it the stock market analysts, government policies, news channels etc. Great job done Safal Niveshak! Please continue to drive this Movement of educating retail investors like us. Thanks again for making me a Safal Niveshak.

~ Nakul Gupta

Safal Niveshak is one the best guides for your investment. I read few articles on its blog and realized how ignorant we are when it comes to investing in stocks. Don’t let your hard earned money go waste. Learn art of investing yourself through Safal Niveshak.

~ Abhishek Daga

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