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Hi! My name is Vishal Khandelwal, and I am the founder of Safal Niveshak. I feel happy to see you here! Below you’ll find information that will make it easier for you to explore this blog.

What Safal Niveshak IS?
Safal Niveshak (Hindi phrase for ‘successful investor’) is a movement to help you, the small investor, become intelligent, independent, and successful in your stock market investment decisions. If you are looking for ways and tools to develop the right thinking, mindset, and process that is required for long-term investment success, this is the place for you.

How You Can Benefit?
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What Readers Are Saying

Most Popular Posts
If you are ready to dive deep, here’s a collection or our best posts across various subjects like –

1. Value Investing
Value Investing, the Sanjay Bakshi Way
How to Value Stocks using DCF…and the Dangers of Doing So
When to Sell a Stock (E-Book & Checklist)
A Guide to Reading for Investors

2. Business Analysis
Analyze a Stock in 30 Minutes (Free Excel)
How to Find Great Businesses, the Peter Lynch Way
How to Master Analyzing the Balance Sheet
How to Master Analyzing the Cash Flow Statement
How to Analyze a Business, the Sherlock Holmes Way

3. Personal Finances
10 Simple Rules that Brought Me Financial Nirvana
How to Save an Extra Rs 25 Lac
How to Live Prosperously Without the Paycheque (A Personal Experiment)
Real Life Story: How to Increase Your Savings by 9200%

4. Thinking
My Most Powerful Tool for Thinking and Decision Making
Latticework Of Mental Models
Build Your Thinking Toolkit to Become a Smarter, Successful Investor

5. Life 2.0
How I Quit My Job and Found Myself
How I Multiplied My Income 2.5x, Savings 5x, and Happiness 20x (After Quitting My Job)
An Open Letter to My Daughter
Why Good People Do Bad Things: A Conversation With My Daughter
The Tale of Two Fathers

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What Safal Niveshak is NOT?
Safal Niveshak is meant for those who are interested in value investing which in effect is the ‘slow’ (but sensible) way of getting rich through stock markets. So, if you are interested in ‘hot tips’ or advice on ‘getting rich quick’, we would suggest you to not waste your precious time here. We hate to sound unfriendly here.

There is absolutely nothing on this website for people interested in the fast route to make money from the stock markets. There never will be! But if you ever give up the futile search for the next quick money-making stock tips, come back here. We’ll leave the lights on for you.

By the way, you may want to read Safal Niveshak’s no-nonsense disclosure statement.

We Appreciate You!
I just wanted to finish by saying that I are here for YOU, not only as a guide while you begin or continue your investing journey but also as a friend.

I do my best to respond to all emails (it’s getting tougher as this blog gains in popularity, but I will always do my best to respond, though I may get late sometimes). And I don’t hold myself above anybody. I’m not special; I like to work hard and help others.

Contact me at vishal(at)safalniveshak(dot)com to let me know what you think about this initiative, what are your experiences, if you have any suggestions, or for anything else related to knowing yourself and growing! I love reading emails sent by readers (thought I often get late in replying), so drop me a line.

Thank you so much for your support, and all the best in your journey of becoming a smart manager and allocator of your hard-earned money.

With respect,

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