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Sorry Veritas, But I Love DLF!

Whatever Veritas may say, I love DLF and for the reasons mentioned below. Here’s my ode to the company and its founder Mr. K.P. Singh for whatever good they’ve done for me as a financial analyst and an investor…

My Ode to DLF
KP-KP, where have you been?
“I’ve been working day and night, to make my balance sheet clean.”

KP-KP, so what did Veritas found there?
“It’s ‘mischievous’ of them, I don’t know what wrong they saw here!”

KP-KP, but aren’t your assets really inflated?
“I don’t know why you say so, for I’ve always kept them deflated!”

By the way, I love your company for what it is,
It’s taught me what’s nice and what I must miss.

It’s easy to analyze companies that are good,
But DLF taught me to look under the hood.

DLF taught me the dangers of debt,
I’ve seen people who’ve loved the stock, but have then wept.

It’s taught me never to take the easy route,
For there are companies like yours that live just to loot.

Due to you, I know it’s worth the time to study companies that’re bad,
Companies that leave investors high, dry, and sad.

DLF taught me to be more objective in my research,
For if I miss the reality, I would be left in the lurch.

DLF taught me to focus on ‘risk’ more than anything,
Or my cash and trust will be lost in a blink.

DLF taught me why I must study a bad company to appreciate the good one,
For if I don’t do this, investing won’t be all that fun.

I’m sure Veritas is wrong, it can’t just trash you,
For if you go down under, the likes of you – the bad ones – will only get few.

Sorry Veritas, but you must also love DLF…and RCom and Kingfisher,
Because if these weren’t bad, we wouldn’t have known of you sitting here!

I love you so much DLF, that one thing I must tell,
Your promoters have made all the hay, while investors see the hell!

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About the Author

Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of Safal Niveshak. He works with small investors to help them become smart and independent in their stock market investing decisions. He is a SEBI registered Research Analyst. Connect with Vishal on Twitter.


  1. Dipakkumar says:

    Dear Vishal,
    Your Ode to DLF is really commendable. However, all the faults of DLF are laudable and because of this I also love DLF very much.

  2. atul goyal says:

    sir i m regular reader of ur site and i m a grt fan of u thanx
    sir i just to know is it worth investing in the following co for long term such as
    dlf , sintex and dishtv

    • Hi Atul, thanks for your feedback. I made my view on DLF clear in the above article itself. 🙂

      As for other companies, while I like Sintex as a business (though I won’t be able to comment whether it’s a good stock or not) , I have never researched Dish TV.

  3. RichFellow says:

    Great article Vishal.
    Do u track Sintex?, good brand visibility, good business, but beaten down in market crash.
    Any fundamental call?
    And what about Gail its down 32% in my watch list since i am tracking it.

    • Thanks RichFellow! I like Sintex as a business, and had a positive view on the stock till about 3 years back. Haven’t analyzed it since then, though have read that they are facing some issues due to the debt they’ve built up over the years. I’ve never studied GAIL, but yes, it has always been a good, steady, cash flow story.

  4. RichFellow says:

    Thanks Vishal,
    U have given such a short, crisp and sweet reply that i will always be tempted to ask u many more stock specific questions…LOL

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