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Safal Niveshak’s Facebook Jam

In an initiative to have an active and real-time discussion on the topics of stock market investing, value investing, and money & human behaviour with Safal Niveshak tribesmen, I launched the “Safal Niveshak Facebook Jam” in mid-May.

What I do in the jam is this – For two hours (every Saturday between 10 AM to 12 PM), I handle questions on the above-mentioned topics and try to provide my answer(s) for the same.

What is better, each participant also shares his or her experiences and lessons in investing, which brings out the real beauty of this initiative.

Here are the transcript of all the previous Jam sessions…

Here is what a couple of Safal Niveshak tribesmen have to say on their experience with the Facebook Jam…

There is a great saying that, “Instead of putting 100% of my own effort, I would rather put 1% of mine and 99% of others”. It holds very true when it comes to ‘Safal Niveshak’s Facebook Jam’.

You just come around here and ask your questions, get it clarified and listen to what others ask, so that one will have the opportunity to learn about Value Investing from all possible angles. I am really enjoying the jam and would like to strongly recommend it to the people who are really interested in Value Investing.

Good job Vishal and would like to appreciate for your great work.

~ Shankar Patil

Had the pleasure of attending ALL the Facebook Jam sessions by Safal Niveshak Vishal. Awesome experience every time. Now I eagerly look forward to Saturdays. It is like an open classroom wherein everyone comes with his queries. In the process, everybody learns be it through his own queries or from other’s doubts and questions. It is like every attendee’s wavelength is focused on value investing and the unique hands on experience is something not to be missed.

It is a marvelous forum for all value investing proponents to have one-on-one session with Vishal. He takes great pains to explain everything to its logical conclusion which remains etched in mind permanently. In a way, this is much better than just reading his blogs because the interaction part is missing there to the extent it is available here.

I would like all fellow Safal Niveshak tribesmen to attend the Jam every Saturday and discuss their specific queries/doubts/suggestions. This is a great learning experience due to sheer spontaneity of the conversation flow.

~ Sanjeev Bhatia

We’ve had some amazing discussions in the past, and given the great response that each Jam has received so far, I look forward to Saturday morning when I can connect with fellow tribesmen.

If you want to be part of the Facebook Jam in the future, just visit the Safal Niveshak Facebook page, “Like” it if you haven’t already, and be ready to get my invitation for the future Jams.

We’re all waiting for you to rock!

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