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1. Premium Course in Value Investing
I am developing a much deeper course in Value Investing than what is already available for free on the website. This course will include…

  • Several hours of audio and video classes apart from a few real-life case studies that will help you learn the nuances of Value Investing and how you can apply it to create long-term wealth through stock investing.
  • Lessons on identifying moats and analyzing specific sectors to help you build your circle of competence.
  • Lessons on building a latticework of mental models – the Charlie Munger way – to make better investment decisions.
  • Everything I teach through my “Art of Investing” Workshops, and much more.
  • Exclusive Forum to analyze specific stock ideas so that you can gain practical experience in doing your own independent analysis.

2. The Safal Niveshak True Wealth Letter
This will be a series of articles that will include…

  • Habit-Building Ideas on Investing & Personal Finance: You will receive practical and tested ideas in investing and personal finance that will help you bring about a sea change in the way you manage your money. It will be like a habit-building exercise that, if you implement, can really lead you towards a comfortable financial life.
  • Interviews with “In-Control” Investors: I have conducted a few interviews with leading value investors in the past. There will be a lot more interviews that I will be conducting in the future – not just with value investors but also with people who are in complete control of their financial lives. This will give you the opportunity to learn straight from the inspiring financial lives of people who have done it!
  • Book Reviews: There’s no doubt that you can learn a lot from so many amazing books on money, investing, and financial habits out there. But then a lot of people I meet have this common excuse when it comes to reading books…like “I don’t have time”, or “I don’t know what to read”, or “I can’t understand what I read”. If you have a similar excuse for not reading stuff, don’t worry, for I will present you the big ideas from some of the best investing books that I have read so far and will be reading over the next few months. The idea will be to provide you with simple money rules from people who have already walked the road to financial happiness.

3. Course: Turn Your Passion into Paycheque
This is a course that a lot of tribesmen have requested me for. Here, you will learn the step-by-step method of turning your passion into a regular stream of money – or an alternative source of income – so that you can do what you love to do, and not be worried anymore about someone else deciding your financial life and future.

Through this course, I will share my experiences in changing my own life by reinventing the way I work, and guide you on how you can do it for yourself.

4. Special E-Books, Workbooks, Videos and Podcasts
From time to time, I will also send you special e-books, workbooks, videos and podcasts…all with the view of enhancing your learning in investing, personal finance, and turning your passion into lifelong earning.

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