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Safal Niveshak TribeStar: A Curious, Passionate Investor

After a long-long gap, and after profiling the ever-so-amazing R.K. Chandrasekhar and Dev Ashish in the first two issues of Safal Niveshak TribeStar, I bring to you another young investing star in the making, Nishanth Muralidhar.

Nishanth is a 32-year old IT software engineer, hailing from Kerala and currently residing in the US. He has been investing in the Indian stock market for eight years now and is a keen follower of value investing.

Over to you Nishanth!

Safal Niveshak: Please share with us your investment journey so far.

Nishanth Muralidhar: My investing journey, started at the age of 23, when I started my IT career in 2004. Right from the very first salary I received, I explored various investing options and stumbled upon equity mutual funds.

Through a series of articles in Value Research and other websites, I understood the basics of mutual funds and decided to invest in them. I picked 3 of the best funds out then – Reliance Vision, Franklin Indian Prima, and HDFC Equity. I didn’t have the faintest idea regarding asset allocation or diversification at that time; however I had read about the power of compounding.

I opened a demat account and decided to foray into direct equity investing. I started investing in stocks based on the recommendations from various stock brokers and websites. I had only a rudimentary idea of the PE ratio and knew nothing else about these stocks. I didn’t read the annual reports, balance sheets, income statements or cash flow statements.

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Value Investing, the Rohit Chauhan Way

If you have been a reader of Safal Niveshak for long, you know how I have been greatly inspired by investors and value investing teachers like Graham, Buffett, Munger, Howard Marks, and Prof. Sanjay Bakshi.

But if there is one “value investor-cum-blogger” who inspired me to start putting my thoughts on investing out to the world, it was Rohit Chauhan.

Rohit is a self-taught value investor who has been investing for the last 13+ years and blogging for the last nine.

If you do a Google search on “value investing in India”, Rohit’s blog stands right up there, which suggests his preeminence among all Indian value investing bloggers.

Anyways, I was a bit nervous writing to him asking for his interview for Safal Niveshak. But Rohit eased all my nervousness and agreed to share his thoughts and also his amazing investment checklist, which I present to you today.

So, here’s Rohit and his simple yet amazing thoughts on the art and science of becoming a successful value investor.

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A Smart, Thoughtful Investor in the Making

After profiling Dev Ashish of Stable Investor the second issue of Safal Niveshak TribeStar, I bring to you another brilliant, thoughtful investor in the making, Neeraj Marathe.

While I have met Neeraj just once, I have come to respect his investing acumen via whatever little discussions we’ve had and also through his writings on his blog – Thoughts on Thoughts.

In this interview with Safal Niveshak, Neeraj lays bare his investment philosophy for us to learn.

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Safal Niveshak TribeStar: A Young, Stable Investor

After profiling the ever-so-amazing Mr. R.K. Chandrasekhar in the first issue of Safal Niveshak TribeStar, I bring to you a young star in the making, Dev Ashish.

Dev has been a long time tribesman of Safal Niveshak and a friend. I have come to respect him a lot via our discussions and also via his work at Stable Investor, a website dedicated to long-term investing.

True to the spirit of Safal Niveshak TribeStar, Dev lays bare his entire investment philosophy for us to learn.

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Safal Niveshak TribeStar: A Star is Born

“Buffett Graham & Co. is a great institution for investors to learn the simple, sensible tricks to manage their own money,” I told a friend a few weeks ago. “However, all their ideas won’t work here given that we Indians have been brought up differently, and the markets also work differently.”

“But then, there are no great teachers in India who can share their investment life in front of us investors,” he said.

“There are some!” I said.


“Like Prof. Sanjay Bakshi, Mr. Chetan Parikh, and…”


“And my tribesmen!”

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