Camp Millionaire – Curriculum

Here is the detailed curriculum of what your child will learn at Camp Millionaire –

Session One – Money Mindset

  1. Introduction to the Camp
  2. Name tag activity (meet and greet)
  3. Money animal activity
  4. Three realms of knowledge
  5. Financial independence (visualization exercise)
  6. Wants vs. needs activity
  7. Creating good habits (see, say, do)
  8. Money principle activity
  9. Money affirmations
  10. Money exercise

Session Two: Money Making

  1. Power of a Rupee (Activity)
  2. Anatomy of a paycheck
  3. Budget Review Wealth Work: Money discussion with parents

Session Three: How Money Multiplies

  1. Money games: Play to WIN
  2. Three pillars of wealth
  3. Money jar system
  4. How banks work
  5. Wealth Formula
  6. Magic of compound interest
  7. Rule of 72 activity

Session Four: Become an Investor

  1. Savings vs. Investing (short term vs. long term)
  2. Good debt vs. bad debt
  3. Assets vs. liabilities activity
  4. Financial Foursquare activity (concept of leverage)
  5. Make, manage, and multiply money game (passive income activity)
  6. Freedom jar (Getting started TODAY)


  1. Wrap up: What did you learn?
  2. Vocabulary contest – What action will you take?
  3. Moolah prizes
  4. Awards and recognition prizes
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