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Safal Niveshak StockTalk: Request Form

Use the under-mentioned form to send me your request for analyzing the company of your choice and writing a detailed yet simple-to-understand research report on the same (without of course giving a buy/hold/sell recommendation).

Kindly note that apart from your request, I will also receive similar requests from other subscribers of The Safal Niveshak Post. I will then identify the companies for which I receive the maximum number of requests, and write on them in that order.

Also, just as a reminder, I will not be able to take up requests on analyzing any stock from the following sectors/groups:

  1. Pharmaceutical (I don’t understand the sector much)
  2. Oil & Gas (I’m confused about the regulations)
  3. Real estate (I avoid the businesses for ethical reasons)
  4. Textiles (My view will always be negative here)
  5. Reliance Group (I have my reservations here)

Here, fill in this form to send me your request…
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