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Financial Planning for Smart People (Free Course)

Over the years of being a financial analyst, I’ve met more than a few people looking for the secret to financial well-being. The simplest response I give is this: If there is such a secret, it’s been very well kept.

In truth, there are just three secrets of managing your financial life successfully, and neither is much of a secret. These are:

  1. Willingness to learn the art of managing your own money
  2. Willingness to take complete ownership of your financial future
  3. Willingness to be patient and disciplined in meeting your life goals

You see, most people make their money over time, not over night.

While their personal finance and investments may differ based on their personal needs, the financially successful people I’ve known seem to follow the same set of guidelines.

As is often true in life, the rules are simple, but not always easy to follow.

I have been working on a free online course – Financial Planning for Smart People – that will help you learn these very simple rules that have made scores of ‘financially worried’ people ‘financially free’.

The course will be launched by the middle of August 2012.

Enter your email address below to register for the course that will help you plan your financial life sensibly and independently.

I had originally planned to make it a 20-lesson course, but going by the feedback I’ve received so far, the course is already 25 lessons long…and I’m sure I’ll add a few more lessons as we progress, and as the suggestions keep rolling in.

Here are the 25 lessons that I’m working on as of now…

Stage I: Preparation
1. What is financial planning and why plan your finances
2. Myths of Financial Planning
3. Move from fear to freedom
4. 15 Things You Must Know About Your Money
5. Begin with the end in mind (Life goals: Know where you are going)
6. Start saving and invest…but what’s the point?
7. Focus on what you can control – your behaviour
8. Women and Financial Planning
9. 10 Useful Rules of Thumb for Your Personal Finances

Stage II: Action
10. Start creating your own financial plan – Step-by-step process
11. Importance of creating a budget, and how to do it
12. Controlling debt
13. Emergency fund
14. Health insurance
15. Term Insurance, and how much cover to take
16. Asset allocation
17. Buying a home
18. Build a portfolio of good stocks and mutual funds
19. Investing in bonds, PPF, NSC, RD
20. Investing in gold
21. Will making

Stage III: Follow Up
22. Tips on Financial Planning for working women
23. Tips for retirement planning
24. The art of identifying the right financial advisor
25. Money lessons schools didn’t teach you, and what your children must know

Sounds good?

Now what are you waiting for? Just enter your email address below and register for the Financial Planning for Smart People course (that begins mid-August) that will help you with lessons on money and personal finance…that will serve you for life.

If you can’t see the sign-up box below, click here to sign up now!

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