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Cheatsheet for a New Investor

Ask questions. That’s the best advice we can give you about how to invest wisely. We see too many investors who might have avoided trouble and losses if they had asked basic questions from the start.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have been investing for many years, it’s never too early or too late to start asking questions. It’s almost impossible to ask a dumb question about how you are investing your money. Don’t feel intimidated. Remember, it’s your money at stake.

Where do I start?
What is the point of saving money?
How do I save money when everyone around is spending it?
What should I do with my savings?
When should I think of buying a house?
What are your thoughts on debt?
Stock investing looks exciting. Do I start investing directly there?
How do I identify good mutual funds?
Someone asked me to start SIP in mutual funds. What's that? And is that good?
Tell me more about the stock market? Is it like a casino that many people think it to be?
My dad says investing in stocks is risky. Is that correct?
I’m scared of losing money. Should I still invest in the stock market?
What if I fail as an investor?
Does patience really pay in investing?
Doesn't investing in stock market requires me to have an edge over big investors?
Are there any secrets to winning big in investing?
How do I avoid getting cheated by bad investment advice
How do I choose a good financial advisor?
Is there a sure-shot way to succeed in investing?
Is now the right time to invest in stock market?
What's your final, quick advice for building wealth?
Anything else you want me to know before I start my investing journey?
What should be my expectations from Stock Market?
Why are you teaching me all this? What's in it for you?
Should I quit my job/profession and get into stock market full time?



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