Here is the detailed curriculum of The Safal Niveshak Mastermind Value Investing Course –

Module 1 – Introduction to Value Investing
Learn the core rules of Value Investing, how these have evolved over the years from Graham to Buffett, and whether these work for a small investor.

  • Value investing principles and premises
  • Being a value investor
  • Is value investing really profitable
  • Key tenets of Benjamin Graham
  • Value investing – From Graham to Buffett
  • Most important things in investing

Module 2 – Investing & Human Behaviour
Learn the psychology of investing and how you can go about creating the right mindset and a latticework of mental models to become a successful value investor.

  • Creating a value investor’s mindset
  • Psychology of investing
  • Building a latticework of mental models
  • How to think about the stock market

Module 3 – How to Generate Ideas

Understand how to build your circle of competence and identify quality businesses by reading through their annual reports and financial statements.

  • How to build your circle of competence
  • How to analyze any industry
  • How to generate stock ideas
  • How to read an annual report
  • Analysis of financial statements (Balance sheet, Income statement, Cash flow statement)
  • Analyzing key ratio
  • Financial shenanigans

Module 4 – Building the Case
Learn how to find businesses that will stand the test of time. Also understand what separates good managements from financial engineers.

  • Understanding competitive moats
  • Key numbers in analyzing moats
  • Differentiate between great and gruesome business
  • Assessing the quality of management
  • Key sins of analyzing businesses

Module 5 – Valuations – Challenging Mr. Market
Understand what value really means and how to calculate it using several time-tested methods.

  • Understanding value
  • Key valuation methods
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Accounting for value – Stephen Penman
  • Earnings Power Value – Bruce Greenwald
  • Understanding margin of safety

Module 6 – Making Decisions
Learn how to deal with risk and uncertainty, the importance of process vs. outcome, and how to construct a portfolio of quality stocks.

  • Power of investing checklists
  • Constructing a stock portfolio
  • Concentration vs. diversification

Module 7 – Endgame
Give finishing touches to your investment philosophy, learn the immutable laws of investing, and also the deadly sins you must avoid at all cost.

  • Creating a sound investment philosophy
  • Immutable laws of investing
  • Deadly sins of investing
  • Go, compound!

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