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Here is the detailed curriculum of what is covered in the Art of Investing Workshop…

I. Introduction to Value Investing

Learn the core rules of Value Investing, how these have evolved over the years from Graham to Buffett, and whether these work for a small investor.

  • Power of compounding
  • Value investing principles and premises
  • Key rules of value investing
  • Is value investing really profitable
  • Key tenets of Graham and Buffett
  • Most important things in investing

II. Investing & Human Behaviour

Learn the basic psychology of investing and how you can go about creating the right mindset to become a successful value investor.

  • Creating a value investor’s mindset
  • Psychology of investing

III. How to Generate Ideas

Understand how to build your circle of competence and identify quality businesses by reading through their annual reports and financial statements.

  • Building your circle of competence
  • How to generate stock ideas
  • How to read annual reports
  • Basic analysis of financial statements (Balance sheet, Income statement, Cash flow statement)
  • Key numbers in analyzing competitive moats

IV. Valuations – Challenging Mr. Market

Understand what ‘value’ really means and how to calculate it using key methods.

  • Understanding value
  • Key valuation methods
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Margin of safety

V. Making Decisions

Learn how to make sensible investing decisions and construct a portfolio of quality stocks.

  • Power of investing checklists
  • Constructing a stock portfolio

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