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The Book

I have started writing a book on the life of an investor, who wins big time, and then loses big time in the stock markets. The story is about hubris, greed, fear, destruction, and rebirth.

I invite you to become a contributor to the making of the book by sending in your own personal experiences in investing. And your experiences could include your successes as an investor, as also the mistakes you’ve made (and there might be some :-)) in your investing career.

As a thank you, you’ll stand to get your name in the contributors’ list inside the book. I will also send you a free copy of the book as soon as it is published (the tentative month of publication is October 2011).

So what are you writing for? Send your story. You never know, your personal experiences might define the lead character of the story. It might in fact be…you!

Use this form to send your story, or send me an email with your story attached, to

See you then!

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