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Thanks for visiting my speaking page. Here, you’ll find out more about me, my most-requested speaking topics, and how to book me.

I am not a “professional speaker” but I have spoken professionally to hundreds of people around India.

A powerful, live presentation can inspire and guide people in ways a piece of writing cannot. That’s why I enjoy public speaking: it’s an opportunity to share my passions and questions about the world in a format that can change people’s lives.

I speak on: Stock market investing, personal finances, human behaviour & money.

I speak to: There are three types of audiences I tend to speak to.

  1. High school, college, or graduate students, where I draw on my experiences as a young investor and learner to build a unique connection with the students.
  2. Corporate and professional audiences looking for new insights on investing and human behaviour.
  3. Individual investors, whom I train to become smarter and independent in their investment decision making.

Get me to speak: If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, please email me at: and include information about your event.

Alternatively, you can fill up this small form. I’ll be happy to send additional information on my speaking by request.

Regular Speaking Topics
I speak on a variety of topics. Here are some of the most common ones –

  • Value Investing – Principles and Practices
  • Behavioural Finance – Why We Make Mistakes and What To Do About It
  • Art of Learning – How to Rewire Our Brains
  • Writing and Blogging
  • Finding Your Purpose in Life and Work

What People Are Saying

Vishal’s passion to teach Value Investing is contagious and his informal yet definitive style of teaching is par excellence. He has a great grasp of the subject and yet, makes it easy for others to understand. I am already looking forward to attend his next session. ~ Gautamjit Singh

What I liked of Vishal’s workshop – It was simple, devoid of jargon, and came from the heart. I wish this workshop was conducted 20-25 years ago, I would have been a multi billionaire by now. ~ R.K. Chandrashekar

It’s been wonderful listening to Vishal who is honest, independent and unbiased in his opinions. ~ Vikash Kumar

I heard Vishal during his Investing Workshop in Bangalore. Vishal’s communication skills are top notch. He conducted the session in a very interactive manner. Needless to say, he has a great knowledge in the field of equity research and analysis. The quality in him which I admire most is his ability to simplify things and explain it to his audience. ~ Vijayshankar S

Never had I seen such an honest and a candid presentation. Without doubt Vishal’s session was the best one I’ve ever attended as far as investing is concerned. Thank you for such a mind opening and an enlightening workshop. ~ Tirthankar Banerjee

Vishal has a very good command over the subject of Value investing and Behavioural Finance and he is able to put it across in very simple words that any one can understand. ~ Joseph Varghese

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