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Value Investing Made Simple

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Value Investing Made Simple

Who should read this book?

“I want to invest in the stock markets, but it seems like there’s nobody I can trust for a straight and right answer.”

“I have burnt my fingers in the stock markets by investing as per my broker’s advice. What do I do now to recoup my losses?”

If any of these questions are bothering your mind, this is the book you must read. I presume you have a basic understanding of the stock markets and the need to save and invest. It’s just that you now to empower yourself to take independent investment decisions – you want to invest with confidence and earn good returns from your stocks over the long term.

This book begins by talking about how you should look at investing in the stock markets, and how to look at companies. It then goes on to hand-hold you through the ways and means to do your own independent analysis of companies and identify the solid stocks that can earn you very good returns over a 5/10/15 year period.

Remember, this is not any ‘get rich quick’ stock trading book that can help you earn fast money from stocks. If that is your objective, you must not read further.

But if you are bothered by either of the questions posed above, and want to become a sensible long term investors, you must not stop before you read this page to page.

The goal of this book is to help you think, act and invest like a business owner and not a speculator. The goal is also to make you confident in your stock-picking skills, so that you are able to embrace and profit from stock market volatility and not fear it.

The book will help you understand the sound time-tested principles of value investing and also bring to you brief sketches of the legendary investors who have practiced this art to perfection.

I would advise you not to read it like a fiction book. Bring out your notebooks and markers. Make your notes whenever you touch upon the big ideas in investing (and you’ll find several of them in this book).

Welcome to the world of safe and sensible, long-term, value investing.

Value Investing Made Simple EBook

This free 25-page e-book from Safal Niveshak provides you a step-by-step strategy for investing using the value investing approach followed by legendary investors like Warren Buffett and Philip Fisher.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Value Invest Still Matters
  • How Value Investing Work
  • The 5 Essential Elements Of The Value Investing Approach
  • How to Identify Stocks That Your Children Will Thank You For
  • How to Make Investing Simple
  • Profiles & Performance Of The World’s 3 Best Value Investors

This free report is yours with no obligation, registration, or email address required. Simply click the link below to download Value Investing Made Simple:

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And don’t forget to check out Safal Niveshak’s Value Investing Course to take control of your investments.

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