Testimonials from Mastermind Subscribers

The goal of The Safal Niveshak Mastermind course is simple – To help you get richer every single day.

But don’t just believe me! Here is what a few Mastermind students have to say about their experiences with the Course…

I am very humbled by Vishal’s approach in the Mastermind Value Investing Course. The course is created to strengthen us in our investment skills and techniques, allowing individuals to know which stocks are fundamentally sound.

One thing that really differentiate the Mastermind course from the other investing courses is the emphasis and build up on the mindset of an investor which is really very important. I highly recommend anyone who wants to build his wealth in a wise way to be part of Vishal’s Mastermind community.

~ Sean Seah

Mastermind not only teaches you about investing, but also shows you the way to create your own stock investing philosophy and to think independently for yourself.

Taking help of an analogy, Vishal teaches you how to fish for yourself so that you don’t have to depend for food on anyone else throughout your life. Worth the money you pay for it.

~ Nishanth Muralidhar

This is one of the best courses I have ever done. As a true value investor, this is one of the best investments I have made. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would be happy to recommend the course to anyone who is interested in value investing.

Your course is the true example of ‘The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.’

~ Antony Sakkariyas

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Aristotle said – “Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach.” Vishal does both!

Vishal’s course has given me the investing tools and explained how to use them as well. I have learnt a lot from the lessons and I must say I find myself indebted to Vishal’s teachings. I haven’t made significant money from them (I am sure I will with time) but I have definitely learnt how not to lose it, which, if I am to quote Warren Buffett, is a significant achievement in itself.

If you are interested in the field of investment and want to learn the basics (there probably isn’t much to learn beyond the basics!) then join Vishal’s course. It won’t promise you money but you will keep what you have and will understand how the game must be played to increase your chances of success.

~ Varenya Agrawal

Fantastic course. The best thing about this course is that it is not self-sufficient crash course to quick riches.

The tremendous value of the course lies in its focus on the areas which often go neglected viz. behavioural aspects to investing and evolution of a robust investment philosophy.

The content is structured and well designed. The course helps evolve individual investment philosophy and equips one with the technical skills and right frame of mind to make investment decisions. Highly recommended for rookies and professionals alike.

~ Gaurav Bhagwat

There are two ways to learn anything – (1) Direct (2) Vicarious. This applies to investing as well. In the stock market learning only from direct experience is very expensive. Why lose all your hard earned money to find out what not to do. Most of the retail investors do exactly that and they get wiped out.

Is there a better way?

I took the Mastermind course and it is top class. It taught me to (1) Read annual reports (2) Be Rational (3) Be Multi-disciplinary thinker (4) To Invert. I would have been a better investor if this course was available to me 10 years back.

This course is the solution for every retail investor to get vicarious experience. The first stock that a retail investor should buy is “Mastermind”. Why? Its price is very low compared to its intrinsic value. You have a big Margin of Safety.

~ Jana Vembunarayanan (Seeking Wisdom)

The Mastermind course is the best investment I have ever made, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. The content is excellent and how I wish I could have done this course 15 years ago.

I would definitely recommend this course to all aspiring value investor.

Its price is way lower than its Intrinsic Value!

~ Prakash Patel

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If financial jargon and the financial world seem too daunting…to even know where and how to make a beginning, I assure you that the Safal Niveshak Mastermind Course is the perfect start on a life long journey to be a learning machine.

~ Hemang Shah

What I wished when I started off was that I could become better at long term investments and stock selection. What I am happily taking away is the fact that I am re-discovering my interest in reading and learning a wide spectrum of subjects. I value this much more above whether I become a better stock picker or not – which is also a big function of the luck (apart from the prepared mind).

I would gladly recommend the Mastermind course for anyone who has an open-mind to learn about investing and exploring areas beyond stock markets!

~ Satheesh

The beauty of Mastermind Value Investing Course is that it breaks down this whole overly pretentious subject of “investment research/analysis” into simple, easy to understand “lessons”.

What Vishal brings to the table is his insights from variety of books he has read on investing and other subjects; which makes whatever he shares really worth reading.

~ Jay Joshi

Mastermind is one of the best courses I have ever taken. The course is well structured and covers the entire investing process. The best thing about the course is the emphasis on behavioural aspects in investing.

I am from the finance domain and I can most confidently say that most of the other courses (including top MBA programmes and financial modeling / equity research training modules) do not pay adequate attention to this aspect. The emphasis of multidisciplinary learning and application of the same in investment process is well structured.

Vishal covers each module in greater detail with lots of practical examples. The course has common forum where every participant can share his thoughts and ideas and that makes the learning really enjoyable.

~ GB

While many courses focus on teaching what they know, Mastermind is oriented towards making you learn.

Lessons are presented in a simple, lucid style that appeals to beginners and the experienced alike. Instead of forcing you to digest the prepared food, the course provides the ingredients and the recipe, making you introspect, think and chart your own success in the markets.

If this course existed at the time of my entry into markets, I would have saved myself from a decade of investing mistakes and plenty of painful losses.

~ Eswar Santhosh

I consider Mastermind Course as one of my life changing journeys. By subscribing to this course, I am very much convinced and pat myself on taking the best decision at this stage of my life in improving myself.

I believe that the value investing principles taught in Mastermind can not only be applied to managing money but also to other areas of life like doing better work, and managing good relationships.

Vishal, please continue doing the great work.

~ N. Venkateswaran

Mastermind Course truly reflects its name – “Master the Mind”.

The entire course is structured beautifully. It starts with the basics of of Value Investing and moves to human behaviour in investment, which though so important, is hardly taught in finance academic courses.

Secondly, the course has good exercises – read and read and try to grasp the ideas – for the brain, which is such an important requirement for being a value investor. Finally, the Forum provides a good platform to learn and share experiences and interact with fellow members and of course with Vishal.

I give a thumbs up for the course!

~ Arti Rungta

How fortunate I was for this to happen for me at the right time. I was new to stock market let alone value investing and joined with an open mind and here I am today able to grasp, understand, and practice one of the best methods in investing.

The course is well crafted, it starts by preparing the mind and heart with right temperament, making you know the latent-common-unnoticeable mistakes a person can do over the course of any process in one’s life and how to overcome them (not just from investing point of view). From then on the course actually moves into the process of stock selections, valuations and such. The Forum also acts as a very valuable resource to share views on a common platform.

Overall, the course is very informative, relevant, and most importantly plenty of information to take away and refer to as well. Now all I have to do is get off my backside and put it into action.

Thank you, Safal Niveshak Mastermind. Thank you, Vishal for adding value to the course.

~ Nag Arjun

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