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Safal Niveshak-Big Idea

The initiative
InflatoMetre is a Safal Niveshak initiative to track the ‘real’ inflation that haunts you – the consumer and investor. It is backed by an on-the-ground study of price movements of things consumed in a household (see the InflatoMetre List). I track the prices of these items as during the second week of every month, to see the month-on-month changes in the same.

Since different things are consumed in different households in different measures, I have assigned equal weights to all these things to arrive at the inflation figure. I started with data collection January 2011 onwards, so the base value for that month is 100.

Your ideas are welcome!
‘InflatoMetre’ will report on the real inflation number each month. And I invite your ideas and suggestions to make this initiative better.

There might be certain things that I might have missed out from the consumption list. You can send in your suggestions for what I have missed that is consumed in your household. And if your suggested item(s) is commonly consumed, I will readily include it in my list.

Inflation is a big devil for us consumers and investors. So it matters that we track its movement or it might hurt us a lot in the future!

InflatoMetre will do this task for you.

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InflatoMetre Updates

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