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Financial Planning 101

Over the years of being a financial analyst, I’ve met more than a few people looking for the secret to financial well-being. The simplest response I give is this: If there is such a secret, it’s been very well kept.

In truth, there are just three secrets of managing your financial life successfully, and neither is much of a secret. These are:

  1. Willingness to learn the art of managing your own money
  2. Willingness to take complete ownership of your financial future
  3. Willingness to be patient and disciplined in meeting your life goals

You see, most people make their money over time, not over night.

While their personal finance and investments may differ based on their personal needs, the financially successful people I’ve known seem to follow the same set of guidelines.

As is often true in life, the rules are simple, but not always easy to follow.

Anyways, here are a few posts I’ve pulled out from the archives that will lead you to some simple rules in planning your own financial life…independently and successfully.

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