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Introducing: The DCF Calculator

First things first. I had a wonderful workshop in Pune last Sunday. And here are the amazing tribe members who attended it…

My upcoming Workshops would be in Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai, and you will get an update on the same soon.

Anyways, let me now focus on today’s topic. Ever since I shared my stock analysis excel a couple of years back, I have received innumerable questions from people who’ve found it difficult to handle the excel. 🙂

If you have been facing a similar problem, don’t worry, because I’m working on a few simple online calculators – like the one on DCF or discounted cash flow method below – that can help you analyze the financials of businesses and also value them.

Now, before you praise me for my tech skills which I don’t have, let me share that this calculator has been developed by my good friend and tribe member Anshul Khare, who is also working with me on other such calculators. Thanks Anshul!

Before you work on the calculator below, read this post I did on how to value stocks using DCF to understand the basics of sensible DCF usage, and how to avoid its misuse.

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