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I Have Seen Tomorrow

Just last night, as I was watching the animated adventure comedy film ‘The Croods’ with my kids, I got particularly captivated by a specific scene.

I saw it a few times, and loved it each time I heard the story in that scene.

Before I share the scene with you, and why it holds a great relevance to your own life, let me tell you the movie’s plot as quickly as I can.

The Croods is the story of an overprotective caveman Grug who, along with his family, is one of the few survivors in the hostile pre-historic times.

“Never not be afraid” is Grug’s repeated advice to his family, and especially to his curious daughter Eep.

For Grug, anything new, anything that raises curiosity, is bad. And this is good advice as it has helped his family survive against the predators.

But then things change when Grug and his family meet a clever and inventive caveboy named Guy who tells them that the world is reaching its end, and asks them to join him in the pursuit of survival.

To the unrelenting Grug who disbelieves Guy and his plan of survival, Guy tells a story of his own about a paradise he nicknames “Tomorrow”, and how they all can ride the Sun to this paradise.

Here is that part of the movie when Guy narrates his story…

If you can’t see the video above, click here to download.

Tomorrow is Where I’m Going
Born in a middle-class family, and with protective parents, I have heard and experienced endless stories of the dangers of being curious and not being afraid.

I have also seen a lot of my friends brought up in a culture where they were constantly reminded about the dangers of standing up, standing out, and making a ruckus.

However, as I have realized, settling for the status quo is living for something less than God desires for us. It’s not the way you make your dreams come true.

As Guy reminds me in his story, it’s only when I go near to the cliff, closer to the edge, I can hear more, see more, and feel more

It’s only then that I can see the light, try to touch it, slip, fly, and ride the Sun to Tomorrow.

“Tomorrow isn’t a place!” Grug tells Guy on hearing his story. “You can’t see it!”

To this, Guy replies, “Oh yes, it is! I’ve seen it. That’s where I’m going.”

The crux of what I want to say here is that we all have the potential to do great work in life. However to do so, we need to leave our comfort zones – and dare to take the risk of flying to Tomorrow.

This requires facing up to the pain involved in the process, and being open to possible failure and criticism.

Take investing for instance.

In the investing world where you find more and more people sleepwalking through their lives instead of taking the risk of going against the crowd and invest for the long run, it pays to prepare for the flight to Tomorrow.

How do you do this?

By learning to pick the best investments, actually picking them, and then letting the power of compounding work its wonder on them.

Compounding is, in fact, the Sun from Guy’s story that you must ride to reach your financial freedom.

Being afraid and settling for mediocre long-term returns on your money (mediocre means anything less than inflation) by not investing at all is dangerous, whatever your overprotective seniors would have told you.

I have seen a lot of people doubting the very concepts of long-term investing and compounding.

“Who has the patience?” some would ask me in bewilderment, “…and that too to compound money at just 15% rate of return?”

A simple math for those who consider a 15% return as too low – Rs 1,500 per month invested at 15% annual return for 20 years amounts to Rs 22.5 lac. And if you can invest Rs 5,000 per month at 15% annual return, you would end up with Rs 75 lac after 20 years.

Start Preparing for Tomorrow
We often blame our past and worry about our future.

The fact is that – and you also know this – life is in living NOW. It’s all about the…

  • Things we learn now;
  • Choices we make now;
  • Habits we form now;
  • Actions we take now; and
  • Enlightenment we receive now

Regretting about the past – “If only I could’ve started investing earlier!” or “If only I had not made that investing mistake!” – is like wasting time and energy on the impossible. And worrying about the future – the Tomorrow – is like having no belief in your capabilities.

If you can live in the present, connect with it, accept it, and experience the joy of flying in the NOW, you would surely head towards a brighter Tomorrow.

In fact, the best possible way to prepare for Tomorrow is to concentrate with all your intelligence, all your enthusiasm, on doing today’s work superbly today.

When I was ten years old, my grandfather would draw me a house with windows and doors. He would tell me how many brick lengths the bottom and sides needed, and how many brick lengths each window and door would take.

Then he asked me how many bricks it would take to build the whole house. If I had trouble answering, he wouldn’t get upset.

He would simply say: “This is how you build a house. One brick at a time.”

Well, this is also how you prepare for Tomorrow.

By seeing it now, and then, as Charlie Munger would have loved to see you do, working backward to achieve it.

As Stephen Covey writes as his second habit of highly effective people – Begin with the end in mind.

Well, that’s where you should also begin – End…Tomorrow.

Merry Christmas! 🙂

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About the Author

Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of Safal Niveshak. He works with small investors to help them become smart and independent in their stock market investing decisions. He is a SEBI registered Research Analyst. Connect with Vishal on Twitter.


  1. DEEPAK JAIN says:

    Nice Vishal

  2. Beautiful story Vishal, and another beautiful post from you! Thank you so much. Cheers!

  3. Saurabh Chavda says:

    Dear Vishal, As usual, you are simple but very powerful. I really liked this post. Thank you very much posting such an amazing posts throughout the year and enlighten my financial situation, really grateful for that.

    I wish you very you Merry Christmas and Very happy and prosperous near year to you and your whole Safal Niveshak family.

    Regards from your ardent reader,
    Saurabh Chavda

  4. Arun Prakash Singh says:

    Hi Vishal:

    One of the most important aspects is doing what I really like doing, or if we invert as Munger would like us to, “not doing what I don’t like doing”

    All of us have self-esteem and this is one of the most important things to have in life. Now many of us would have encountered situations where we are overlooked for promotions and end up feeling very down as it hurts our self-esteem and we end up doubting our self-worth. Any intelligent person should know if he is good or not; we don’t need bosses (who are driven more by their self-interest rather than giving a correct and fair appraisal) to certify our self-worth and still we continue in our jobs. Now this can happen to anyone; however, should happen only once. If we don’t do anything about it (seek financial independence) then this will happen twice, thrice and so on and every time it will dent our confidence and self-worth. Whether we are aware of it or not, our spouses and especially our children are watching us very closely and they will follow us more by our example rather than our sermons. I don’t want my kids to grow up as servile individuals.

    This is only an example and I am sure all of us can think of several such instances which keep happening to us on a daily basis and we do nothing about it. Even I am stuck in a similar situation; however, I have promised myself that I will honestly try to seek financial independence through careful and sensible investing so that never again am I forced to continue in an undesirable situation and can devote most of my team in doing what I like doing most, i.e. reading, reading and reading.

    Happy Christmas to Everyone!!!

  5. Merry Christmas to all my fellow Tribesmen.
    Have a great time ahead.

  6. Arun Prakash Singh –
    Well said!

    Vishal –
    I’ve a silly question. How to calculate as to how much I make if I invest Rs 100 for 10 years growing at 10% sort of stuff? Is there any website of by Excel?

  7. Hi Vishal,

    Amazing post!

    I really loved the way you observe each and everything around you and draw inspiration from them. I am trying inculcate similar habits like yours but I have a long way to go.

    Thank you Vishal for providing us with amazing insights from your personal life and things around you through out the year.

    I wish you very Merry Christmas (albeit a belated one!) and prosperous New Year in advance!!

    ~ Shantanu

  8. Excellent article stitched together by you Vishal.
    Like in investing, one should dispassionately analyse one’s strengths and weaknesses and accordingly decide NOW what tomorrow he or she wishes to visit and be ready to make corrections on the way.
    As Set Godin in his book Dip says “Winners quit all the time.” implying if you are up on a wrong street leading to nowhere quickly change to another till you find the right street which promises you your tomorrow.
    However,remember ‘between bravery and stupidity is a fine line’.
    Do take risks but calculated risks and then give it all. 🙂

  9. Merry Christmas to Vishal ji & all by fellow tribesmen,
    Once again Vishal ji what an excellent piece of article, mind blowing.
    To add to this…I would say we as a human beings don’t like pain at all…….though it may be for short a while and its benefits would be long lasting……..(eg. a bitter pill… we don’t like it..but the fact is… cures our disease and relieves our pain.) Same is true in other sphere of life as well.
    To this i come to very real life and recent example of how we as a society try to avoid short term pain.
    Case 1:
    Just see how AAP party chief steered thru all the adversities to come out at a Delhi CM.
    All of us/countrymen know what problems we as a country are facing, but we don’t act on these problems( or we act to a limited degree) and stay in our cocoons….and keep this problems limited upto socialy gathering /our dinner table discussion /pass time activity in between our corporate meeting / corporate lunch or tea time.
    The AAP party chief acted on what he felt was right and you can see the result….though…I totally agree..that he had to pass thru hell sort of experience….with life threatening instance to him and his family member.
    But all these adversative were temporary just like a bitter pill…in the end……….the results are wonderful, in no time more than 6 months…..a common man/engineer /ex-IT dept employee…will be Delhi CM. To this I recall Anil Kapoor’s “Nayak” movie.
    Star cricket players of IPL………….we often…..see..short term results like school exam marks..and pass our verdict..that who get good marks is having a successful career and better place in society and better financial future….but that not true always…………………!
    I don’t want to name……the players…….but the player who are getting crore plus IPL fees by different franchises were not very well in their academcis….in their school or college days. Some even are not graduates till date. These are the same players/child who were renounced by their parents/family member / relatives/neighbor for not being scholars……….but now you know..who is the winner and who is better respected.
    The guys who scored well are leading a mediocre life, as they have always looked at society for approval and never listened to their heart and so they got the results accordingly.
    Sorry if my post has unruffled any of my fellow tribesmen.

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